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Canon Drivers

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Canon Inc. is a global manufacturer of imaging and optical products. Its product line consists of a wide range of computer printers, digital cameras, photo copiers and steppers. Since 1983, the company has been a leading manufacturer of digital cameras. Through their innovation and proprietary product launches, Canon has helped to establish many new trends on the market. Thanks to regional headquarters throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, Canon printers and computer peripherals can be found in many homes and offices around the world.

Canon puts a strong emphasis on creating high quality products for corporate users. Its Business Solutions division offers print and document services for small to medium sized businesses, large enterprises and government agencies. This lineup includes multi-functional Canon printers, color and black-and-white printers, larger format printers, production printers and scanners. The company also develops the software and device drivers to support the hardware. Some of its lesser known products are broadcast lenses, semiconductors, digital microfilm scanners, Handy Terminal solutions and a wide variety of medical products.

Originally founded in 1937, Canon began as a small company with only a handful of employees and a passion for success. It started out with a prototype of what would be Japan’s first 35 mm equipped with a focal plane shutter, a unit known as Kwanon. In what seemed like no time, the company grew to become a world renowned camera manufacturer and a major player in the computer printer industry. It is now a multi-international powerhouse with more the 60 years in the business and well over 20,000 employees located throughout the world. Although technology has change the industry for the best, Canon still carries the same expertise and passion as it did in the earlier years, the same top-notch qualities that has made it a familiar name across the globe.

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Brother Drivers

Brother International Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of home and office products. Marketing products created by its parent company, Brother Industries, this manufacturer is best known for its extensive portfolio of Brother printers and computer peripherals. With more than 1,100 employees in the Americas, Brother enjoyed revenues of an estimated $1.5 billion in the fiscal year of 2006 and continues to remain highly profitable to the current day.

Though originally established in 1954, Brother’s history dates back to 1908 when the Yasui Sewing Machine Company was founded in Nagoya, Japan. Until being officially established, the company was Yasui Sewing Machine’s first overseas sales affiliate, finally changing the name to Brothers, Industries, LTD. in 1962. Shortly thereafter, Brother jumped into the printer market during a longstanding partnership with Centronics, a now defunct manufacturer who was a pioneer in the industry. The rest you could say is history.

Brother products can be found in a number of homes and offices throughout the world. Its product consists of an award-winning series of Multi-Function Center and printers as well as typewriters and sewing machines. The company boasts the number one line of fax machines in the United States and is the global leader in electronic labeling, thanks to its full lineup of P-touch Electronic Labeling Systems. Brother printers and other products are beloved among the user community for delivering high-quality, exceptional performance at a price that is generally more cost-effective than the competition. In addition, the company understands the importance of product support and they have embraced this commitment to service effectively. This has lead to their stellar reputation and increased growth.

A commitment to providing the best breed of products has helped Brother attain significant market shares in various regions. The company currently has service centers in the U.S., the U.K. and India in addition to its main headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. A countless amount of manufacturers have emerged over the years but few are as recognizable as Brother.

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Broadcom Drivers

Headquartered in Irvin, California, Broadcom Corporation is a world renown technological innovator and global leader in semiconductor solutions for both wired and wireless communications. Broadcom currently holds more than 3,100 U.S. and 1,400 foreign patents. It also has well over 7,600 additional patent applications pending. As one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, it enjoyed revenues of $4.66 billion in 2008 alone.

The company’s portfolio features products that facilitate the delivery of data, voice, video and multimedia content to and throughout the office, home and mobile environment. Specializing in the industry’s most extensive lineup of system-on-a-chip and software solutions, Broadcom is able to consistently appease its customer base of computing, networking equipment, broadband access, digital entertainment and mobile device manufacturers. Some of its most notable clients include fortune 100 to fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Cisco Systems, Dell, IBM, HP and Nintendo to name a few.

The Broadcom product line includes transceiver and processor integrated circuits for wireless LANs and Ethernet, DSL, cable modems, home-based networking devices and mobile phones. The company is also well known for its series of high-speed co-processors. By offloading the intensive workload to a dedicated chip, these solutions are able to greatly increase the speed of tasks that utilize encryption. Broadcom co-processors offer numerous benefits in the field of e-commerce by helping to secure PGP and GPG communications. Other products include audio/video processors for digital video recorders and digital set-top boxes as well as RF receivers and tuners for satellite TV systems. Broadcom’s Bluetooth products range from chipsets and headsets to software solutions for PC and smart phone integration.

Since 1991, Broadcom has been delivering high-quality products to meet the growing demands brought forth by emerging technology. Recently forming partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft and AMD, one could assume that Broadcom is poised for long term and sustained growth as they prepare to introduce the world to additional cutting edge solutions.

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Biostar Microtech Drivers

untitledEstablished in 1986, Biostar Microtech International Corp. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer that specializes in a wide variety of computer products. Its extensive product line ranges from motherboards and video cards to industrial PCs and bare bone computers. Listed on the main floor of the Taiwan Stock Market as a profitable independent company, BioStar develops solutions for entry-level to high-end markets. In fact, many of its products are found to retail for more than $100. This manufacturer is well known as the only company to give end-users the freedom to modify the voltages and frequencies on video card GPUs and memory to enhance performance to their preference. As a leading global provider, although based in Taiwan, BioStar has five regional headquarters in the United States, China and the Netherlands.

In the beginning, Biostar was focused on manufacturing motherboards designed for XT form factor. To meet the evolving demands of market development, the company began producing more integrated solutions, enriching its competence in the design and manufacturing of add-on cards, system and multimedia products. In 1990, Biostar became the first motherboard producer to establish its manufacturing premises in China, a move that was performed to expand its capacity and meet the needs of a growing customer base. Business was bolstering and in 1998, the company’s revenues surpassed 130 million dollars, ranking it among Taiwan’s top 1,000 enterprises.

Biostar took its success into the millennium with a new slate of products. Feature-rich graphics cards and Biostar motherboards ranging from the T-Power to the T-Series have helped the company maintain its position an as industry leader. Now offering support for a range of AMD products, the manufacturer plans to further strengthen its place in the market by introducing more cutting solutions in the near future. Putting an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, the sky appears to be the limit for Biostar.

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Aztech Drivers

Founded in 1986, Aztech Systems provides manufacturing services for the computer peripherals, telecommunications, consumer electronics, networking and healthcare devices industries. Though based in Singapore, the company has support offices located in the United States, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Aztech’s wholly owned subsidiary, Shiro Corporation, is a profitable spinoff that specializes in a plethora of high demand consumer products, including MP3 and MP4 players, Caller ID phones, DECT phones, VoIP and broadband solutions.

With R&D centers located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dong Guan and Shenzhen, China, Aztech is able to deliver products of the highest quality to meet global industry standards. These world-class facilities house state of the art manufacturing equipment that allows the company to leverage technologies which meet and exceed evolving market requirements. Coupled with exceptional design capabilities in the PC industry, its specialties in the telecommunications field have resulted in a solid lineup of best breed Aztech modems, broadband routers and a wide variety of wireless products. This company has the facilities and engineering expertise to roll out cutting edge products and services on a consistent basis.

Aztech’s fast rise to success was fueled by an $8.5 million grant issued by the NSTB in1993. That same year, the manufacturer captured 17% of the sound card global market share and ranked in the top three of sound card manufacturers in the world. By 1995, its market share had risen considerably to 37%. Aztech sound cards carried the company through the end of the decade when it began producing modems. By 1998, the company was already in the top 5 list of modem suppliers. Aztech rolled into the millennium on a high note, leveraging technological innovations to introduce an array of products geared towards internet users. Recipient of numerous honors, Aztech is now a global leader in telecommunications and networking solutions for home-based and corporate users alike.

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