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OPEN: DriverFinder Business Partner Program

Hello Everyone!

We’re happy to announce that our Business Partnership/Affiliate Program is again OPEN!

As we have communicated with you a few weeks ago, we’ve temporarily closed our Affiliate Program due to some errant affiliates who were direct linking and using our domain name in Google advertising (and other paid ads).

We have ‘weeded out’ these affiliates and are now back in full swing and in full support of any business partner who wishes to promote DriverFinder and profit from its success.  As long as you promote DriverFinder via valid and acceptable marketing means, you have our full support!

You can promote DriverFinder via Clickbank, Plimus and Revenuewire. Just sign up for an account with any of these networks and we’ll be in touch!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: partners[at]driverfinderpro[dot]com.

The DriverFinder Team

DriverFinder Software Principles

As you browse online daily, you’re probably swamped with various offers to download this and that software program. As such, we understand that you might be weary each time you see a Download Now button.

For this reason, we here at DriverFinder decided to further explain what exactly it is that you are downloading when you opt to download our product. Please do click this link to understand what the DriverFinder download is and why you can TRUST us:

DriverFinder Affiliate Program

Dear Affiliates,

We just wanted to give you a heads-up that due to some errant affiliates direct linking to the domain, we are temporarily closing our Affiliate Program. Please note that direct linking and using our domain name in Google advertising (and other paid ads) is in violation of our Affiliate Terms.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

And pls. do not hesitate to contact us if you’re promoting DriverFinder using valid and acceptable marketing means. We will of course, reinstate your account in this case.

The DriverFinder Team

New Release: DriverFinder 2.1.0!

DeskToolsSoft proudly announces the release of DriverFinder version 2.1.0, which is now available in five different languages: English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish

San Francisco, CA – July 25, 2011 – DeskToolsSoft, a cutting-edge desktop software firm, has announced that their flagship software – DriverFinder is now available in four additional languages: German, Dutch, French and Spanish.

Now, when users install DriverFinder, they will be prompted if they want to use the application in English, German, Dutch, French or Spanish. The change is in response to the product’s growing number of clients in various markets across the globe.

According to company representative Melanie Tan, “DeskToolsSoft is committed to servicing its clients the best way it can. This means not only ensuring that we have a strong product in the market, but also catering to our global clientele’s multi-lingual needs. We are proud to make DriverFinder available in these five major languages and rest assured, there will be more of such enhancements in the near future.”

DriverFinder is available for immediate download at its official website:

About DeskToolsSoft, Inc.

Although launched officially in 2009, DeskToolsSoft is backed by almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry. The company was established with one aim: to provide desktop utilities that do exactly what ‘it says on the box’; namely, to optimize computers on various, specific levels so that users get the most performance out of their machines.

The DeskToolsSoft goal is not only to produce software to help clients with system maintenance but to produce software that UPLIFTS their computing experience. DeskToolsSoft achieves this by utilizing only the best processes and technology in the IT industry, and presenting them in a highly user-friendly interface for clients.

Media Contact:

Diana McCord
DeskToolsSoft, Inc.
Email: media (at) desktoolssoft (dot) com
Phone: 310.893.0701


March 2011 Affiliate Bonus: Flip UltraHD

free flip ultrahd

Get a Flip UltraHD Video Camera this March!

Attention all DriverFinder affiliates!

What is the month of MARCH known for? Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness… but here at DriverFinder we want to make March 2011 the month you get a FREE Flip UltraHD Video Camera (8 GB)!

Just earn at least 50 DriverFinder net sales* in the month of March 2011 and get a Flip UltraHD Video Camera (8 GB), shipped directly to your doorstep! Check out the specs of this hot gadget here:

How to Get Started

If you’re already a DriverFinder affiliate, you are AUTOMATICALLY eligible for this special Flip UltraHD Video Camera bonus.

If you’re not a DriverFinder business partner yet… just click any of the links below and become an affiliate in minutes.

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•  Got questions? Email us: affiliates (at) driverfinderpro (dot) com

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