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Compaq Drivers

Founded in 2002, Compaq Computer Corporation was a manufacturer of personal computers and computer components. The company was once the world’s largest supplier of personal computer systems. Compaq functioned as an independent corporation until be acquired by Hewlett Packard in 2002.

Compaq was started by three senior managers who worked for Texas Instruments, a well known semiconductor manufacturer. Its first product was the Compaq Portable, a portable personal computer that offered compatibility with the IBM PC. This unit is largely credited as one of the earliest influences of today’s laptop computer. In 1984, Compaq launched the Compaq Deskpro, which marked the first line of Compaq Deskpro computers. This was followed up Deskpro 386 and the Systempro, a piece of server hardware integrated with support for an additional CPU and RAID storage.

Moving into the 1990s, Compaq started its domination over the server market as it entered the retail computer industry with Presario. With a number of low-priced products and partnerships that allowed it to utilize processors developed by AMD and Cyrix, the company was able to drive competitors such as IBM and Packard Bell away from the market. Compaq computers became a mainstay in the home and corporate setting, helping the manufacturer leverage relationships with emerging industry leaders such as Microsoft. In 1998, the company entered into an agreement with NaviSite to promote and sell web hosting packages. NaviSite made Compaq its preferred provider because of its high-quality storage facilities and Intel-based servers.

In 2001, Compaq entered a merger with Hewlett Packard and the acquisition was officially completed the following year. It has since become a brand name owned by HP. Although numerous Compaq computers and other products have been renamed, a large number of them still bear the original company name. HP even discontinued its line of business computers in favor of the Compaq Evo line. The product line has officially been branded as HP Compaq. Support and downloads for its older products are widely available on a condensed version of the Compaq website.

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C-Media Drivers

Originally established in 1991, C-Media Electronics is a Taiwan-based semiconductor company that manufactures a wide range of computer hardware. As a global leader, its primary focus is to provide innovative products to PC audio, USB storage, wireless audio device, sound card, motherboard, PC and VoIP peripheral manufacturers across the globe.

Over the years, this company has garnered recognition across the board and brought home numerous honors, thus bolstering their reputation. Some of its most notable accolades include the Best of Computex 2005 Award, the 2008 Certificate of Corporate Governor System honor and the International CES Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award. The latter was an honor received for its highly regarded Xonar HDAV 1.3, the first audio solution in the world to enable passing via lossless digital audio on PC platforms. This device marks the only solution for Home Theater Personal Computers in the new Blu-ray era.

C-Media has been highly successful in the computer hardware industry, a company that can hang its hat on a long line of firsts. Some of its most notable innovations include the first single-chip USB audio control with a built-in power amplifier, the first driver-based implementation of Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone, as well as the first software implementation of Dolby Digital Live. The company also boasts the title as the company to deliver the first completely qualified solution for HD audio. These cutting edge innovations can be attributed to the fact it has one of the most experienced development and software teams in the entire industry.

Considering the track record, the sky appears to be the limit for C-Media and the company is showing no signs of slowing down soon. With a number of patents under its belt and several others pending, the company hints that even more industry firsts are to come in the very near future.

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Cirrus Logic Drivers

Established in 1984, Cirrus Logic is a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for a wide range of industrial and consumer markets. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Cirrus has more than 900 patents for a line of approximately 600 products to serve well over 3,000 end-users across the world. Its technologies are relied on by industry-leading names such as Harman International, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung and Sony.

In the early, 1990s, Cirrus was a leading manufacturer of affordable PC graphics chips. Its Microsoft Windows 2D GUI accelerators were highly acclaimed as some of the fastest and most affordable on the market, outperforming VGA-chips from competitors like Western Digital, Trident Microsystems and Oak Technologies. The Cirrus graphics chip, the GD5422, supported hardware acceleration for 8-bit and 16-bit color, making it one of the lowest-priced VGA controllers to offer support for both. In the mid to late 1990s, it was one of a handful of companies to deliver a VGA controller for 3dfx’s Voodoo Rush 3D-accelerator card. To the current day, Cirrus chipsets help to power a number of notebook and desktop PCs.

The Cirrus product line is quite extensive and robust. Aside from a broad range of integrated circuits targeted at industrial and consumer markets, it also features high–precision ICs for automotive entertainment applications and electrical solutions in digital power meters and seismic systems. Cirrus audio processors and converters can be found in a number of professional consumer products including home-theater receivers, portable media players, television sets and set-top hardware. There was a time when the company designed and marketed hard disk controller chips, modem controllers, CD drive controller chips, PC graphics chips and PC soundcard controllers. A highly successful portfolio of Cirrus ICs and processors has made this company one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

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Chips Drivers

Founded in 1985, Chips and Technologies is the very first in a long line of semiconductor companies to follow. Outside of IBM, it was the first company to produce a compatible VGA chipset, essentially creating the market for IBM compatible graphics. Chips and Technologies chipsets set a trend that was followed up by companies such as Oak Technologies, Cirrus Logic, Trident Microsystems and many others. From this course of action the industry inevitably became saturated.

Upon first being established, the main objective of Chips and Technologies was to come up with more cost-effective ways to design and produce microcomputer system components for a fast growing market. Its portfolio consisted of an extensive line of Chips and Technologies chipsets and circuits, graphics controller circuits, interface circuits, PC-to-mainframe communications controllers and a variety of circuits for mass storage control. In the early 1990s, Chips and Technologies set its focus on single-chip systems to capitalize on the anticipated growth of sub-notebook and handheld computers.

The company is well known for the Chips and Technologies Wingine video card, a high-speed framebuffer which resided in a proprietary local bus slot on compatible motherboards. JCIS and Epson were two of several companies who offered motherboards integrated with the Wingine local bus slot. The Chips and Technologies Wingine was a big a hit among users of the NEXTSTEP for Intel processors due to its reputation as one of the most efficient video cards for the system.

In the mid 1990s, Chips and Technologies fail on hard times, making significant cuts to both its staff and product line. Though it looked as if the company would be able to make a comeback, it was eventually acquired by Intel in 1997. Because of its strong presence in the graphics chip business, Chips and Technologies products are still largely supported by a number of third-party vendors.

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Canopus Drivers

Founded in 2001, Canopus Corporation specializes in designing and marketing digital video and graphics solutions for corporations, government, education, small businesses and enthusiasts. The company is well known for an award-winning line of hardware and software products designed to set new standards in the way of functionality, reliability and performance. In a very short time, Canpos has achieved worldwide notoriety, now with locations in the United States, the U.K., Tokyo, China and Germany.

Canopus is highly regarded as a global leader in nonlinear video editing systems. This can be attributed to the company’s innovate designs. The stability and enhanced functionality its products offer has made Canopus a big hit among video professionals in various fields. Relying on a solid proprietary architecture, it is able to produce the fastest, most efficient nonlinear editing solutions available for the desktop PC. Its scalable infrastructure has the ability to harness the true power of a CPU, allowing for increased speed and performance. In effort to expand its portfolio of MPEG-based products, the company recently introduced the Canopus MediaEdge. This affordable, high-quality video networking solution uses Canopus’s reliable MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 compression technology to deliver top-grade level video across LAN-based networks.

It was announced in 2005 that Thomson would be purchasing a 33.3% stake in Canopus with plans of holding a public tender offer in order to gain the remaining shares. As of January 2006, Thomson’s goals were fulfilled as its ownership of Canopus was 94.31%. Already owning Grass Valley Broadcast and Networking, this acquisition strengthened Thomson’s position in the media and entertainment field, allowing the company to accelerate the delivery of technologies that include desktop video editing, digital media conversion and VoIP products among others. Despite the acquisition, the name remains the same and Canopus video products are still widely available and supported.

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