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Genius Drivers

In the business for more than 10 years, Genius Computer Technology is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and distributing of a wide array of computer components. Headquartered in Jebel Ali, Dubai, its portfolio of products include computer systems as well as peripherals like scanners, speakers, fax modems, mice, tablets, multimedia products and network hardware among others. This company has been a leader in the IT field since the turn of the century, introducing world-famous brands such as Genius, Microdia and CTX. Invested in a top-notch infrastructure, the company’s operations span approximately 35 countries across Africa in the Middle East. From day one, the focus of Genius has been to exceed the technological needs of public and private groups, enterprises and consumers.

The Middle East economy is booming, and with that positive growth, the sales of Genius computers have taken off tremendously. Because of such a fast rise, the company was literally forced to move its operational facilities and regional headquarters to the Jafza (Jebel Ali Free Zone) in 2006. The Jafza is widely recognized as the premiere business hub of the Middle East, attracting several leading regional and international companies who want to take advantage of its world-class facilities and incentives. Genius Computer is one of the latest high-profile names to follow the trend. Genius celebrated its 10th birthday in 2007, around the same time it introduced two new groundbreaking products – the Slimstar 820 Solargizer Keyboard and Traveler 355 Laser. The Slimstar is a combination of a wireless solar-powered keyboard and energy-efficient mouse, while the Traveler is an innovative mouse device that utilizes optical technology.

Genius aims for the sky, looking to enjoy a projected sales growth of 100% by 2010. The company remains confident that its ever expanding brand of products and services will enable it to achieve this goal.

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Info-Tek Drivers

GeCUBE is a popular brand of 3D graphics cards introduced by Info-Tek Corporation, a professional electronics manufacturing service firm. Headquartered in Taiwan, it has four branches located in China, providing full turnkey solutions for electrical products in fields such as telecommunications, optical, office and home appliances and more. While specializing in a wide variety of areas, its claim to fame has been the motherboard and interface card business. Info-Tek has five state of the art factories, with more than 5000 employees across the world.

Info-Tek enjoyed a nice running start, founded in 1990 with a total of $1,500,000 in capital. The company began subcontracting PC motherboards for Acer Inc. a year later before moving its headquarters to a plant in the Hsin-Chu Industrial District. In 1995, it was ISO 9002 certified, and by 1996, its total capital had increased to a whopping $3,080,000. The manufacturer was contracted to produce numerous third-party products until releasing its own line of GeCube graphics cards in the 2000s. Products under this line include graphics cards, as well as other computer hardware products. The success of this high-performance card helped boost its total capital to $40,000,000 by 2005, the same year the company was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Over the years, Info-Tek has formed strategic partnerships with leaders in many different industries. Some of its most notable partner have included Barco, Black&Decker, Citizen, GE, Gibabyte, Hannstar and Philips, just to name a few. These companies and more have contracted Info-Tek to provide high-quality printers, digital cameras, LCD TV modules, modems, CD ROMs, DVD players and scanners to serve their customers. Info-Tek prides itself on delivering products, services and support that result in unparalleled quality and reliability. These core values have helped the company became a familiar face and perhaps a mainstay in the computer hardware business.

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Gateway Incorporated Drivers

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Gateway Incorporated is a well known company in the computer industry. It develops, manufactures and sells a wide variety of personal computers, servers, displays and computer monitors. At one time, Gateway was a mainstay on the Fortune 500 list as one of the world’s largest companies. However, the company struggled in the early to mid 2000s and was eventually acquired by Acer Inc. in 2007.

Gateway was founded in 1985, originally under the name Gateway 2000. The company started off with direct sales through phone orders, shipping its computers in boxes branded with the familiar cow markings that would become its trait. In 1989, the company moved its production facilities and corporate offices to North Sioux City, South Dakota. With the new Holstein cow mascot intact, Gateway opened Gateway Country Stores, a chain of retail stores located mostly in suburban areas of the United States. Enjoying massive success in 1998, it made a move to expand beyond the model of selling PCs by phone, relocating its operation to La Jolla, California. The company was on the move again in 2001 to Poway, California and finally to Irvine, California, the current headquarters, after acquiring eMachines in 2004.

Like so many other companies, Gateway struggled following the bust, hoping the eMachines acquisition would be enough to would strengthen its market share. The company went through several internal changes and shut down a number of stores before being acquired by Acer in 2007. As a part of the Acer Group of corporations, Gateway remains a major player in the computer industry. Gateway computers still offer a nice range of products for home, office, enterprise, government and education customers. The company has also added products to its portfolio, such as MP3 players, digital cameras and plasma TVs. A significant role in the Acer Group will likely keep the Gateway brand alive for years to come.

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Gainward Drivers

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan Gainward is an award-winning company that specializes in computer hardware. This company offers an impressive lineup of products, and many of its graphics cards are on based exclusively on high-performance NVIDIA chipsets. It also has a nice range of graphics solutions based on ATI-based chips thanks to a successful launch of the ATI 4800 series. The company recently released a set of cards that break the traditional mold of NVIDIA specifications, allowing end-users to enjoy a more powerful gaming experience.

Gainward graphics cards are known for their “overclockability,” a trait that has made them a big hit among enthusiasts. One of most its popular products is the Golden Sample range of graphics solutions. Over-clocking past their original stock speeds, these cards are thoroughly tested before being sold and shipped, ensuring the utmost of quality for the customers. The Golden Sample line includes the NVIDIA 7900 GS, 7900 GT, 7950 GT and the 8800 GT. More recent are the ATI based HD 4850, HD 4870 and the HD 4870×2. Fans of this company will attest that Gainward graphics cards have always been designed with the end-users in mind. There was a time when its Golden Sample cards were packaged with a voucher that could be redeemed for a downloadable game at the popular “” site. This same product line now comes bundled with a free game.

Due to heavy competition in the market, Gainward fell on tough times like so many others and was eventually acquired by Palit Microsystems, a move that put it back in contention with industry leaders such as Gigabyte. As a subsidiary of Palit, Gainward currently has a beneficial relationship with both NVIDIA and AMD’s ATI graphics division. The company now has a diverse selection of powerful graphics cards which equals good news for everyone, especially the overclocking enthusiast market.

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Diamond Drivers

Diamond Multimedia is a company that manufactures a wide variety of multimedia products. Though it specializes in graphics cards, sound cards, motherboards, modems and MP3 players, the company enjoyed its start with Trackstar, an add-on card for the PC that emulated Apple II computers. Diamond Multimedia is best known as one of the pioneers of 2D and 3D graphics cards during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Over the years, Diamond Multimedia graphics cards have consisted of numerous products, starting with the Speedstar series in the early 1990s. Speedstar was a line of low-end chips used as graphics solutions for well known entities such as Cirrus Logic. While not the most powerful on the market segment, they sold well and even outperformed products by rivals like Trident Microsystems. Diamond graphics cards achieved massive success with the Stealth, a line that offered an excellent value and remains its most popular series today. The company ventured into the world of 3D graphics with the launch of product lines such as Monster3D and Viper in the late 1990s.

Diamond sound cards hit the market in the early 2000s with products that included the Monster Sound line and the innovative MX300. This soundcard was based on Aureal Semiconductor’s Vortex2 audio, a feature that offered a level of 3D audio that had yet to be experienced previously. Unfortunately, Aureal folded to bankruptcy thereafter, thus putting an end to Diamond’s revolutionary sound cards. Although other lines were released, and the disappointing MX400 was the last before the company’s resurfacing in 2003.

The failure of Aureal marked a downturn for the sound card market, prompting Diamond to move away from the add-on board business. In 2003, the company, brand name, assets and all were purchased by Best Data. It now functions as a division of Best Data under the original name. The company still actively markets Diamonds graphics cards and ATI Raedon powered cards from its website.

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