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Epson Drivers

Seiko Epson Corporation, known simply as Epson, is a Japanese company that has been in operation since 1942. It is currently one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic components. Its massive portfolio of products includes a wide range of printers, scanners, home theater and multimedia projectors, televisions, desktop and laptop computers, integrated circuits and much more. Though based in Nagano, Japan, the company has a number of subsidiaries located throughout the world to serve its base of global customers.

Epson was backed by an investment from the Seiko Group, which started as a producer of watch parts. It developed and commercialized numerous timepiece technologies from the 1940s through the 1990s. To the current day, Seiko Epson is still heavily involved in the business of watch making, with the products being sold through a subsidiary known as the Seiko Watch Corporation.

The company jumped into the printer business in the 1960s, introducing the world’s first mini-printer in 1968. Labeled the EP-101, this electronic printer would eventually lead to the birth of the name Epson. Epson printers took off quickly as the company unveiled the TX-80 dot-matrix printer in 1978, followed up with the new and improved MX-80 in 1980. The latter would soon become the best selling printer in the U.S.

Epson launched the world’s first genuine laptop in 1981 with HX-20. This unit was truly portable at the size of 3.5 lb, featuring a full-sized keyboard, two Hitachi CPUs, an LCD screen, built-in rechargeable batteries and support for a storage device and dot-matrix printer. Epson printers continued their dominance into the 2000s, making way for a new line up of products that included digital cameras and imaging solutions.

Epson has been at the forefront of technology for more than 60 years, revolutionizing the printer industry while quietly perfecting one of the most successful brands in history.

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ELSA Drivers

Originally founded in 1980, ELSA Technology has well over 20 years experience in the data communication and computer graphics solutions markets. A pursuit of perfection, innovative R & D technologies, and a commitment to put the customer first have made ELSA a global leading brand in what has become a very highly competitive market. ELSA has established a number of international branches to further the capabilities of its operations. It currently has subsidiaries in Beijing and Shenzhen China, Seoul, Korea and Taipei, Taiwan – all strategic locations that help the company provide prompt service to its worldwide customers.

ELSA has been setting trends from the very beginning, but most of its success came at the turn of the century. Around this time, the company further cemented itself in the European market as a major player. In 2003, it launched a new line of ELSA graphics cards with the FALCOX series and became the sole distributor of ATI FireGL and FireMV graphics solutions in the Asia Pacific region. The company dabbled into the multimedia market in 2004, releasing a popular line of TV tuner cards called ELSAVISION. In 2007, it unveiled a brand new line of motherboards and workstation barebones. Throughout the 2000s, ELSA has won a number of prestigious industry awards. Some of its most esteemed honors include the 2007 NOVA Channel Award and 2007 Reader’s Best Choice Award at the Zhongguancun Computer Festival’s Top Ten Graphics Card Brands category.

After a successful run with its FireGL Professional Graphics line in the Asia Pacific region, ELSA continues to expand on its global presence with the launch of new ATI and NVIDIA graphics solutions. Using the best design and manufacturing practices, the company never compromises on quality, delivering user-friendly features to enhance the customer experience. ELSA’s stable position in the graphics cards business leads one to believe that it will continue to contribute to the industry for years to come.

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Elitegroup Drivers

Elitegroup Computer Systems is a Taiwan-based company that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of motherboards. In the business since 1987, it has been a pioneer in the industry, as well as the first motherboard manufacturer in the country to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Aside from Elitegroup motherboards, the company also designs and manufactures barebone machines as well as complete units, such as laptop computers and high-performance server hardware for its worldwide distribution partners. Some of its most notable customers have included industry leading names like Compaq and IBM.

Elitegroup has well over two decades of experience in the motherboard business, forming the building block for many of today’s PCs. Expertise in the market has also made it a major contributor in the IT sector. Throughout the years, it has been able to work closely with some of the biggest chip designers in the PC industry. These partnerships have enabled Elitegroup motherboards and solutions to further the design, development and overall growth of the IT field.

The name Elitegroup rings throughout the industry, as the company has received numerous honors. In fact, it has received more than 150 recognitions and awards worldwide. Some of its most prestigious accolades include making Business Week Magazine’s Information Technology 100 list for two consecutive years. Elitegroup is consistently evolving and adopting advanced design philosophies to its corporate culture. New concepts are helping it simplify the workload while increasing productivity, traits that have become standard practices at its world-class facilities.

A commitment to quality gives Elitegroup the ability to provide the best products and services to its global base of customers. With the help of its successful business partners and highly trained employees across the world, it is safe to assume that Elitegroup will continue to deliver new innovative solutions for many years to come.

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D-Link Drivers

D-Link Corporation is a company that specializes in a broad range of network solutions. Founded in 1986, the company originally marketed network adapters, but has since gone on to design and manufacture a variety of network solutions for the business and consumer markets. D-Link has a strong presence throughout the world, leveraging offices in 64 regions and 10 global distribution centers that service more than 100 countries.

D-Link began under the name Datex Systems Inc. The company was founded by seven people, including the company’s late chairman, Ken Kao. Datex Systems was the name until the company went public in 1994 and became the very first networking company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. It has been responsible for many cutting edge trends throughout the years, introducing a number of impressive network technologies. D-Link was the first networking company to release Green Ethernet, an energy-efficient technology implemented into its smart switches and eventually its popular line of wireless routers.

D-Link’s extensive line of products is primarily designed for the networking and communications markets. Its business portfolio includes routers and switches, network security mechanisms and wireless technology. The consumer line covers wireless, broadband and home-based digital products ranging from media players and storage facilities to digital video surveillance systems.

D-Link network solutions have become household names on the market, helping to revolutionize the industry and setting much of which has become standard today. As an award-winning company, D-Link has been honored multiple times for a commitment to the designing, developing and manufacturing of quality products and solutions suited for individuals, small to medium sized businesses and enterprises across the world. As a major contributor of the DHWG Digital Home Working Group, the company embraces industry compliance as the criteria for the development of new D-Link Network solutions. This is one company that makes sure the customer gets the best product possible, as its entire line is certified by CableLabs, the FCC and Wi-Fi Alliance.

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Dell Drivers

Dell is a global corporation that specializes in virtually every facet of the computer hardware industry. The company’s product line seems to become more extensive each year, consisting of desktop and laptop computers, servers, network switches, storage devices, computer peripherals and much more. With over 80,000 employees stationed across the globe, Dell is one of the world’s largest companies and currently ranks in the top three in computer sales.

In 1984, Michael Dell founded PC’s Limited, the company that would eventually become Dell Computer Corporation in 1988. The startup began selling IBM PC-compatible computers before selling the first of its own design in 1985: the Turbo PC. This unit was advertised for direct sale to consumers in national PC magazines. Dell custom assembled each unit ordered, offering lower prices and greater convenience than other brands that called for self assembly.

The company’s route to success was quick. In 1987, it launched its first operations in Ireland, followed up by eleven more over the next four years. By 1988, its market capitalization grew to a whopping $80 million from the initial public offering of 3.5 million shares at $8.50 per share. By 1992, Dell was listed by Fortune Magazine as one the world’s 500 largest companies.

Dell continued to excel in the computer business throughout the 1990s, passing Compaq as the largest U.S. seller of PCs in 1999. In the millennium, the company made a move to expand on its advantage by crossing over into the home entertainment and multimedia markets. Dell computers were now complemented by handhelds, digital audio players and televisions, along with a variety of printers and computer peripherals.

While its revenues have dropped over the last few years, Dell computers are still the brand of choice for millions of computer users throughout the world, indicating that this company will be around for the long haul.

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