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ATI Technologies was a global leading developer and distributor of motherboard chipsets and graphics processing units. The manufacturer is perhaps best known for its extensive line of computer graphics chipsets. Some of the most notable products include the Rage and Radeon series, Rage Mobility and the ATI Crossfire. After acquiring ArtX, ATI would also go on to produce console graphics products for the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s X-box 360.

The company was originally founded in 1985 as Array Technologies Incorporated, mainly producing integrated PC graphics cards for manufacturers such as Commodore and IBM. At the dawn of 1987, ATI had evolved into an independent graphics cards retailer, unveiling its popular Wonder graphic card product line that same year. Leveraging the success of its cutting edge products, the company finally went public in 1993, having stock listed on the NASDAQ and Toronto Stock Exchange.

The 1990s were all about innovation. In 1996, ATI introduced the All-in-Wonder product line. This franchise represented the first combination of graphics chips integrated with a TV tuner card as well as the first chip capable of displaying computer graphics on a television set. These ATI graphics cards featured 3D acceleration powered by the company’s second generation of 3D Rage, which was originally launched a few years prior. ATI continued to enjoy market success into the millennium but eventually fell on hard times and merged with AMD in 2006, the same year it officially became defunct.

AMD still sells ATI graphics chipsets as therefore, they utilize the same corporate name. The company has made a number of ATI graphics drivers available for download on its website for Windows Vista and XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

It was certainly a good run for ATI and its line of high-performance products. In the end, the domination by AMD and NVIDIA proved to be too much to compete with, forcing this influential company and several more into less visible roles.

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