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Founded in 1986, Aztech Systems provides manufacturing services for the computer peripherals, telecommunications, consumer electronics, networking and healthcare devices industries. Though based in Singapore, the company has support offices located in the United States, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Aztech’s wholly owned subsidiary, Shiro Corporation, is a profitable spinoff that specializes in a plethora of high demand consumer products, including MP3 and MP4 players, Caller ID phones, DECT phones, VoIP and broadband solutions.

With R&D centers located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dong Guan and Shenzhen, China, Aztech is able to deliver products of the highest quality to meet global industry standards. These world-class facilities house state of the art manufacturing equipment that allows the company to leverage technologies which meet and exceed evolving market requirements. Coupled with exceptional design capabilities in the PC industry, its specialties in the telecommunications field have resulted in a solid lineup of best breed Aztech modems, broadband routers and a wide variety of wireless products. This company has the facilities and engineering expertise to roll out cutting edge products and services on a consistent basis.

Aztech’s fast rise to success was fueled by an $8.5 million grant issued by the NSTB in1993. That same year, the manufacturer captured 17% of the sound card global market share and ranked in the top three of sound card manufacturers in the world. By 1995, its market share had risen considerably to 37%. Aztech sound cards carried the company through the end of the decade when it began producing modems. By 1998, the company was already in the top 5 list of modem suppliers. Aztech rolled into the millennium on a high note, leveraging technological innovations to introduce an array of products geared towards internet users. Recipient of numerous honors, Aztech is now a global leader in telecommunications and networking solutions for home-based and corporate users alike.

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