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Corporate profile for Biostar Microtech Int’l Corp.

untitledEstablished in 1986, Biostar Microtech International Corp. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer that specializes in a wide variety of computer products. Its extensive product line ranges from motherboards and video cards to industrial PCs and bare bone computers. Listed on the main floor of the Taiwan Stock Market as a profitable independent company, BioStar develops solutions for entry-level to high-end markets. In fact, many of its products are found to retail for more than $100. This manufacturer is well known as the only company to give end-users the freedom to modify the voltages and frequencies on video card GPUs and memory to enhance performance to their preference. As a leading global provider, although based in Taiwan, BioStar has five regional headquarters in the United States, China and the Netherlands.

In the beginning, Biostar was focused on manufacturing motherboards designed for XT form factor. To meet the evolving demands of market development, the company began producing more integrated solutions, enriching its competence in the design and manufacturing of add-on cards, system and multimedia products. In 1990, Biostar became the first motherboard producer to establish its manufacturing premises in China, a move that was performed to expand its capacity and meet the needs of a growing customer base. Business was bolstering and in 1998, the company’s revenues surpassed 130 million dollars, ranking it among Taiwan’s top 1,000 enterprises.

Biostar took its success into the millennium with a new slate of products. Feature-rich graphics cards and Biostar motherboards ranging from the T-Power to the T-Series have helped the company maintain its position an as industry leader. Now offering support for a range of AMD products, the manufacturer plans to further strengthen its place in the market by introducing more cutting solutions in the near future. Putting an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, the sky appears to be the limit for Biostar.

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