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Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Canon Inc. is a global manufacturer of imaging and optical products. Its product line consists of a wide range of computer printers, digital cameras, photo copiers and steppers. Since 1983, the company has been a leading manufacturer of digital cameras. Through their innovation and proprietary product launches, Canon has helped to establish many new trends on the market. Thanks to regional headquarters throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, Canon printers and computer peripherals can be found in many homes and offices around the world.

Canon puts a strong emphasis on creating high quality products for corporate users. Its Business Solutions division offers print and document services for small to medium sized businesses, large enterprises and government agencies. This lineup includes multi-functional Canon printers, color and black-and-white printers, larger format printers, production printers and scanners. The company also develops the software and device drivers to support the hardware. Some of its lesser known products are broadcast lenses, semiconductors, digital microfilm scanners, Handy Terminal solutions and a wide variety of medical products.

Originally founded in 1937, Canon began as a small company with only a handful of employees and a passion for success. It started out with a prototype of what would be Japan’s first 35 mm equipped with a focal plane shutter, a unit known as Kwanon. In what seemed like no time, the company grew to become a world renowned camera manufacturer and a major player in the computer printer industry. It is now a multi-international powerhouse with more the 60 years in the business and well over 20,000 employees located throughout the world. Although technology has change the industry for the best, Canon still carries the same expertise and passion as it did in the earlier years, the same top-notch qualities that has made it a familiar name across the globe.

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