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Founded in 2001, Canopus Corporation specializes in designing and marketing digital video and graphics solutions for corporations, government, education, small businesses and enthusiasts. The company is well known for an award-winning line of hardware and software products designed to set new standards in the way of functionality, reliability and performance. In a very short time, Canpos has achieved worldwide notoriety, now with locations in the United States, the U.K., Tokyo, China and Germany.

Canopus is highly regarded as a global leader in nonlinear video editing systems. This can be attributed to the company’s innovate designs. The stability and enhanced functionality its products offer has made Canopus a big hit among video professionals in various fields. Relying on a solid proprietary architecture, it is able to produce the fastest, most efficient nonlinear editing solutions available for the desktop PC. Its scalable infrastructure has the ability to harness the true power of a CPU, allowing for increased speed and performance. In effort to expand its portfolio of MPEG-based products, the company recently introduced the Canopus MediaEdge. This affordable, high-quality video networking solution uses Canopus’s reliable MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 compression technology to deliver top-grade level video across LAN-based networks.

It was announced in 2005 that Thomson would be purchasing a 33.3% stake in Canopus with plans of holding a public tender offer in order to gain the remaining shares. As of January 2006, Thomson’s goals were fulfilled as its ownership of Canopus was 94.31%. Already owning Grass Valley Broadcast and Networking, this acquisition strengthened Thomson’s position in the media and entertainment field, allowing the company to accelerate the delivery of technologies that include desktop video editing, digital media conversion and VoIP products among others. Despite the acquisition, the name remains the same and Canopus video products are still widely available and supported.

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