3Dfx Drivers

Company profile and brief description of 3dfx Interactive.

28_1_fullOriginally founded in 1994 and based in San Jose, California, 3Dfx Interactive was a company that manufactured graphics accelerator chips and arcade game subsystems. While the company introduced various products, its claim to fame was the Voodoo Graphics processor line, which is still used in a wide variety of products today.

3Dfx earned notoriety is due to its success in the arcade game market. In those days, arcades were the best place to witness the latest innovations in 3D gaming technology firsthand. The first game the 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics card was implemented in was Ice Home Run Derby. Later in the same year, the company made its presence known in other popular titles that included Atari’s San Francisco Rush and Wayne Gretzy’s 3D Hockey. 3Dfx received a considerable amount of attention from the media due to the instant popularity of these graphically enhanced titles. Unfortunately, the company’s demise would come just four short years later.

The 3dfx Voodoo Graphics chip had an impressive run, ranging from the VooDoo Graphics PCI (VooDoo 1) all the way up to the VooDoo 5 series. Heading into the millennium, the company fell on hard financial times and its demise seemed imminent. Tied up in legal issues and bankruptcy proceedings, 3dfx was purchased and acquired by leading graphics card manufacturer Nvidia in 2000. Announcing that it would not provide support for 3dfx products, support for 3dfx drivers and Voodoo hardware has since been handled by various third-parties.

The fall of 3dfx can be attributed to bad business practices and much stiffer competition on the market. Sadly, the company has a number of products that failed to be released due to the Nvidia acquisition. Fortunately, you can still get support for your 3dfx drivers and files from a number of credible sources on the web.

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NVIDIA Drivers

nvidia driversBased in Santa Clara, California, NVIDIA is a global provider of visual computing and chipset technologies. It is the inventor of the GPU (graphics processing unit), a high-performance processor that delivers amazing, interactive graphics to users of personal computers, workstations, servers, game consoles and mobile devices. Originally established in 1993, it has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of graphics processing units and motherboard chipsets. NVIDIA has more than 5,000 worldwide employees with offices in England, France, Germany, China, India, Japan and several other countries.

The company’s portfolio is mainly compromised of three product lines: the NVIDIA GeForce, Quadro, Tegra and Tesla. GeForce is known for its superb functionality, offering high definition video playback, realistic game play and unrivaled performance. The Quadro is geared towards professional users while the NVIDIA Tegra and Tesla are designed for mobile and network users respectively. These products offer the power to dramatically enhance computationally-intensive and visually rich-applications, such as broadcasting, film production, video games, industrial design and much more.

Nvidia has been a major contributor in the motherboard and graphics accelerators industries since launching its first product in 1995. It really made significant strides in 1999, introducing the world’s first GPU with NVIDIA GeForce 256 and the first workstation GPU in the Quadro. The company displayed market dominance in 2000 with the acquisition of 3dfx Graphics and the introduction of NVIDIA GeForce 2 Go, the very first mobile GPU. Other notable milestones include the acquisition of leading wireless graphics and multimedia technology provider Media Q in 2003 and the title of Forbes Magazine “Company of the Year” in 2007.

NVIDIA has already made its mark in 2009, launching new solutions to further enhance the visual experience for consumers, professionals and users on the go. The same dedication to innovation and quality that allowed it to dominate the market will likely usher this company into another decade of success.

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Yuan High-Tech Drivers

Headquartered in Taiwan, Yuan High-Tech is a company that produces a wide variety of graphics accelerators, multimedia products and computer hardware components. Though a specialist in various areas, its main focus is in the designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of graphics cards, TV tuner cards, video encoder/decoders and a range of surveillance products.

The company is actually one of the pioneers in the TV tuner industry and growing quickly in the field of surveillance solutions as well. Yuan has garnered recognition amongst its industry peers and received numerous accolades, including the prestigious CES 2007 Innovations Award.

Yuan was established in 1990 and opened its China production factory in 1992. The company added graphics solutions to its portfolio in 1998 and has been one of the top suppliers every since. Though once powered by NVIDIA chipsets, Yuan graphics cards now thrive off ATI Radeon technology, delivering the best in performance to professional and home users alike. Along with highly skilled R&D teams, its state of the facility has aided in the launch of products that include a second and third generation Scan Converter, some of the first pen drives, DVD players and TV tuners. All Yuan products are Microsoft, WHQL and ISO 9000, ensuring the utmost in quality and compatibility.

For more than a decade, Yuan has been a leader and responsible for a number of firsts. Some of its innovations include the first MPEG wireless media gateway, the first pen-drive size DVB-T USB receiver, the first pen-drive size Hybrid D+A TV receiver and the first delivery express card on the market. While it has already launched several innovative products, the company isn’t through making history. Yuan looks to grow and maintain a leadership position in the market by leveraging a top notch infrastructure that provides the flexibility needed to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

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Universal ABIT Drivers

abit drivers Formerly known as ABIT, Universal Abit is a manufacturer of computer and motherboard components. Headquartered in Taiwan, the company’s core product line of motherboards is geared towards the overclocker market of PC enthusiasts. Along with intangible properties, such as patents and trademarks, the ABIT brand name was purchased by Universal Scientific Industrial in May 2006 due to the company’s financial woes.

ABIT was officially established in 1989 and by 1991, the company had become the fastest growing motherboard manufacturer on the market with sales exceeding $10,000.000. In 2000, they relocated to a new headquarters in Neihu, Taipei and opened a state of the art factory in Suzhou China. It is said that the number of ABIT motherboard sales doubled between 2000 and 2001.

Over the years, the company has enjoyed tremendous success under Universal Abit and the original name. ABIT is well known for introducing AB-BX133, a 133 MHz FBS operation design for the Intel BX Chipset. It also achieved symmetric multiprocessing operation for the Intel Mendocino Celeron CPU with its ABIT BP6 motherboard. In 2004, the company publicly launched the OTES cooling system, a heat pipe-based cooling system designed to reduce heat from the motherboard’s voltage regulators or chipset and expel from the system via the rear I/O panel. At Computex 2008, Universal Abit introduced the world to the FunFab P80 Digital Photo Frame and Printer. This device marked the first digital photo frame integrated with a premium quality printer that offered the ability to connect seamlessly with a mobile phone.

After a long run in the business, Universal Abit announced that it would cease to develop ABIT motherboards at the end of 2008. It is speculated that the company desires to move away from the enthusiast hardware audience and into the consumer electronics market. While this is definitely sad news, you can still receive support for your ABIT motherboards under warranty conditions.

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