Prolink Microsystems Drivers

Originally founded in 1989, Prolink Microsystems Corporation is a leading provider of high-end, multimedia solutions. It has a diverse portfolio with product lines that include graphics cards, motherboards and a wide range of multimedia products such as PCI TV cards, PCI expresses, USB TV cards and TV set-top boxes. Carrying out its operations in Taiwan, Prolink delivers products to customers and distribution partners in North America, as well as several countries throughout the continents of Asia and Europe.

The company became publicly listed in 2000, making waves in the industry with its popular Pixel View brand of home entertainment solutions. The Prolink Pixel View line consists of various products that allow users to enjoy television on their desktop or laptop PC. Some of the most successful products from this line have been the PlayTV Cinema and PlayTV Cinema BX2500, hybrid solutions that support both analog and digital TV. These products were beloved for providing users with the ability to watch TV, listen to FM radio, play video games and even capture or record audio – all from a single remote. Pixel View is just one of several of Prolink’s innovative products to perfectly couple artistry with the latest technology. It is such revolutionary solutions that have allowed the company to stay ahead of the competition in the fierce market of high-end multimedia products.

Moving forward, Prolink looks to continuously make improvements by leveraging evolving technologies and maintain its position as a global leader in the multimedia and PC hardware markets. The company is constantly investing in research and development, engineering and technological advancements to further enhance its world renowned brand of PC/TV solutions. Although competition is heavy in the industry, Prolink still aims for the same goal it has from the very beginning: to be the best in the business.

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Leadtek Drivers

Headquartered in Taiwan, Leadtek Research is a company that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of graphics cards and various types of computer hardware. The company’s products are essentially categorized into two distinct groups: Computer Group and Communications Group. Some of its most popular products include the WinFast Series of 3D graphics accelerators, which are based on the NVIDIA GeForce line of workstation and enthusiast solutions. Motherboards and multimedia cards are also a part of this group. The Communications Group is compromised of a portfolio that includes surveillance, video telephony and GPS solutions.

This company is known for much more than its high-performance Leadtek graphics cards. In fact, it has been a pioneer in the GPS industry since 1997 and was one of the first to introduce the technology in Taiwan. The millennium was all about innovation, as its Leaktek GPS module became the de facto standard for smart antennas. In 2002, Leadtek introduced the first Bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver and the first SMD module in 2004. These innovations were made possible by its highly successful SiRF Star III chipset series, which featured an entire line of cutting edge solutions. The same year, Leadtek also launched the first GPS receiver with equipped with RDS/TMC functionality to the European market. The company continued to introduce revolutionary solutions in 2005 and 2006 with more advanced series of GPS receivers and antennas.

Leadtek is focused on improving the computer hardware and communications markets through the seamless integration of GPS and multimedia videophony technology. The company also intends on extending its portfolio to include broadband network solutions. Leadtek puts an emphasis on improving life in the home and business setting in an energy efficient manner. This has not only been displayed through its responsible manufacturing practices, but the company’s participation in many new green initiatives with respected environmental organizations.

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Tekram Systems Drivers

Tekram Systems Co. Ltd. is a company that specializes in a broad range of storage solutions. Based in Taiwan, its products are designed to simplify storage deployment and provide scalable solutions that allow businesses to easily upgrade their capacities, enhance performance and data protection to meet their evolving storage needs. An extensive line of SCSI/SATA/USB/1394 host adapters, RAID 6 disk array subsystems and SATA-II RAID 6 host adapters gives organizations a seamless migration path from internal to external storage. Technological innovations such as its S1040 SCSI controller equipped with a bus-mastering enhanced IDE chip have won the company numerous awards over the years. Though still specializing in Tekram controllers, it has recently set focus on other markets with solutions designed for Bluetooth and IrDA devices.

Tekram adapters and controllers are designed to compensate three different storage environments: internal and directed-attached storage, SANs (storage area networks) and NAS (network attached storage). Its largest product line, the internal and direct-attached storage products, include add-on cards, Fibre, RAID, SAS and SATA host adapters and disk array systems as well as high-performance VTL (Virtual Tape Library) storage solutions. The SAN line is geared towards demanding small to medium sized business environments that require storage consolidation for network servers. Its smallest line is targeted at the NAS market, offering solutions that are ideal for department, workgroup and distributed enterprise environments that require storage consolidation for client systems.

Products in the NAS line offer capabilities such as easy installation and administration, sharing of data over heterogeneous client platforms and faster network response times. Offering the best in performance and quality, Tekram storage solutions offer beneficial services to businesses of all sizes.

Moving forward, Tekram plans to continuously deliver innovative products to meet the demands of various storage environments. The company has been around since 1990, surviving the worst and most exciting times of the storage industry. From the looks of things, Tekram is poised to thrive in the market for years to come.

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Silicon Drivers

Headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, Silicon Integrated Systems, better known as SiS, is a semiconductor company that specializes in the manufacturing of motherboard chipsets and a wide range of computer components. The company currently leads the industry with its innovative core logic chipsets. For more than 20 years, its products have been implemented in various applications including desktop and notebook PCs, servers, embedded systems, wireless communications devices and digital entertainment products. SIS has demonstrated dominance in the market. In fact, their only serious competitors are industry-leading companies such as Broadcom, Intel and VIA Technologies.

SiS was originally founded in 1987. Thereafter, they established its U.S-based subsidiary in 1992. It was known for many firsts throughout the 1990s, including the SiS5110 Pentium Notebook Chipset in 1996. This revolutionary product was the first of its kind to integrate PCMICA, LCD and graphics chips into a core-logic chipset. In 1998, SiS launched the SiS530, which was the first to integrate 3D graphics into core logic and offer compliancy for the Socket-7 electrical specification. That same year, SiS introduced the SiS620, which was the first in the world to offer 3D graphics on top of compliancy for Celeron and Pentium II motherboards.

The company continued to set trends in the 2000s with the introduction of the SiS650 in 2001, the first Pentium 4 chipset in the world integrated with 256-bit 2D/3D graphics. SiS chipsets embarked on more history as the first to support AMD64 PCI Express platforms in 2005 and the first server reference board in 2006.

SiS is still releasing innovative solutions to the current day, just unveiling the SiS329H in April, 2009, the world’s first H.264 HDTV processor. The company plans to keep providing excellent value through technological innovations, high quality products and outstanding technical support.

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Sapphire Drivers

Based in Hong Kong, Sapphire Technology is a company that specializes in the production of graphics cards for workstations and personal computers. It also produces motherboards, TV tuner cards and a line of digital audio players. Sapphire graphics cards are based on industry leading ATI graphics processing units and ATI’s latest IGP chipset technology. As of now, it is the largest provider of ATI-based graphics cards in the world. The company is well known as the first to release cards equipped with an HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) connector.

Sapphire has been a pioneer in visual technologies for more than 10 years, helping to revolutionize how computer graphics are displayed. From the very beginning, it has stayed committed to providing customers with feature-rich, dynamically engineered products. Holding a firm position in the market, the company has been able to continuously achieve excellence with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified production factories in Dongguan, China. Together, these two facilities manufacture an estimated 1.8 graphics boards each month. With more than 3,000 worldwide employees and offices in Asia, the Americas, Europe and South Africa, Sapphire is well equipped to ensure quality and fast delivery to its global partners and customers.

Every since ATI announced manufacturing and distribution partnerships with ODMs and AiBs in 2001, Sapphire has been the world’s major ATI graphics board supplier, a position it has yet to relinquish despite fierce competition in the industry. For years, Sapphire graphics cards and motherboards have received praise from enthusiasts in virtually every niche market, exceeding industry standards because of their enriched realism, enhanced stability and performance. Leveraging the most recent technological innovations from the ATI brand, the company aims to continue to deliver state of the art solutions for the audience that seeks the best in quality and performance for their mission-critical operations.

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