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DriverFinder Version 5.0.0

New DriverFinder version

Hi all! We’re excited to announce the latest version of our driver update software. DriverFinder Version 5.0.0.

So… what’s new? And what has changed?

First of all, what is not new?

We kept the same user-friendly interface from our previous versions. Easy access to features and a recognizable layout will help existing users easily switch over to the new version. New users will find the GUI to be straightforward and intuitive.

DriverFinder 5 GUI

We also did not change the core logic of the device detection and driver recommendations. Users can rely on the latest and best drivers available being recommended as driver updates.

As always, you can install and run the program on any Windows version, from XP up to Windows 11. This may seem odd since my competitors have opted to only support Windows 7 and later, and only 64-bit systems at that. There are however scenarios where keeping a legacy system running is required. We want to support that, and since we have the legacy drivers in our database, users can find all the needed drivers.

So why this update?

After years of keeping the concept of a licensed version, we now decided to have a free evaluation version available. Yes, you can download and use the software to find and download drivers for your Windows system without a license!

The free version does have a few limitations though, since we still expect most users to want to upgrade to the Pro version to benefit from the full features. The main differences are the download speed for drivers and the need to manually install drivers in the free version.

Apart from that, there are minor bug fixes and improvements in the high DPI support in the latest Windows versions.

New features in the DriverFinder version 5

We keep a list of our version history, with the changes, on our updates page.

But in short, here are the new features:

  • Scheduled scans – run DriverFinder on a weekly, daily, or other scheduled basis automatically. The program will execute at the desired frequency with an automatic scan so that your system will always be able to get the latest drivers.
  • System Restore Points – in addition to automatic driver backups, the program can now also create a system restore point before any driver updates are installed. The System Restore point feature can be enabled directly from the program if not already enabled. Even accessing the Windows System Restore is possible from within the program.
  • Additional languages – the software has been limited in the number of languages it supported untill now. We are adding new languages, starting with Italian and Japanese in this update. More will follow.
    You can even switch languages at runtime!
  • Automatic program updates – in addition to being notified of software updates, it is now possible to install the update directly from within the program.

We hope you will like the new version. To download a copy of DriverFinder version 5, please click here.

!!!NEW!!! Driver Finder Version 3.7.2

DriverFinder 3.7.2

Hi all! We’re excited to announce the latest version of DriverFinder (Version 3.7.2).

So… what’s new?

We’ve massively improved how you experience using DriverFinder.

  1.  It’s easier now for you to access links to our program documentation. During installation, you’ll be presented with links to our EULA, and Privacy Policy.
  2. After installation – but before running DriverFinder – you’re now able to quickly decide if you want DriverFinder to immediately run a driver scan on your PC, and if you want DriverFinder to run or launch during Windows startup.

Also, you’ll notice that we’ve put up our McAfee Safe and Secure logos everywhere on the site.

These changes have all been done to ensure we are fully compliant with the Clean Software Alliance Guidelines!

Want to download the latest version of DriverFinder now? Click Here!

New Drivers: nVidia v266.58 GeForce

As can be expected, the new nVidia driver versions have several performance improvements that will particularly benefit game players. Support and performance of the popular Battlefield game are specifically improved.

New hardware supported in version 285.63 of the Nvidia GeForce drivers:

– GeForce GTX460 v2
– GeForce 405

In addition 3D Vision is now included in the video drivers, no need for a separate USB 3D Vision driver anymore. This includes several more 3D Vision gaming profiles.

Of course the Nvidia driver update also includes an updated version of the HD audio driver for the HD audio component on video cards. The new version is

A nice improvement is present in the power saving feature, which is achieved by changing the clock speeds on the graphics cards depending on the graphics demands. The improvements result in faster adjustments of the frequency to ensure no lag of graphics power is experienced. In the same way, downscaling is also faster to save power when possible.

Several bug fixes are also included in version 285.62 of the GeForce drivers. If you have been experiencing video problems with specific games, applications or DirectX, make sure to upgrade the video driver and check for the problem again.

People who like to overclock their video cards, will notice that this option is not present any more in the default Nvidia control panel. Users now need to download the Nvidia System Tools software for that.

After installing the new Nvidia video drivers, make sure to check your resolution, and check the Adobe Flash player version. In same cases the screen resolution can change, and the latest Flash player (version 11) ensures online HD video content plays smoothly.

Also keep in mind that changing Nvidia driver versions, is always best done by running the installer for the approriate version. Uninstall the previous version, especially when you want to install an older version. The Windows driver rollback option does not work reliably with these drivers. Uninstalling the drivers from the Device Manager will not remove all Nvidia driver related software. Use the Uninstall option in the Control Panel instead.

For the full release notes on version 285.62, please check the nVidia website.

For a quick look at the latest drivers added to the DriverFinder database, please click here for our 24/7 updated driver feed.

Nvidia Releases v266.58 of GeForce drivers

geforce-driversThis recent update of the Nvidia GeForce graphics drivers is available for GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500-series and the ION series.

As with all new releases, the new GeForce drivers improve performance on many of the video card, particular for gaming. But the drivers also include support for the lates GTX series video cards.

For people with SLI cards, there are new SLI profiles available for a number of games, and the performance for a number of games using the SLI cards has also been improved.

Other improvements in the 266.58 release are the support for GPU-acceleration in Adobe products, including CS5 and Flash 10.1. For Adobe Flash this results in smoother HD video playback from online source.

If you use video cleanup software vreveal, you will learn that the new drivers have direct support for this MotionDSP’s video enhancement software, allowing users to improve the quality of shaky videos and output HD quality video.

Download these new nVidia display drivers with DriverFinder!

Why You MUST Update Your Realtek Network Drivers

For a long time network cards were all about performance. Most of you probably started with a 10 Mbit network card, switching to 100 Mbit later on. Modern computers even have 1 Gbit network cards and servers can use 10 Gbit connections. For wireless network cards a similar summary can be created, using the 802.11 b/g/a/n specification.

But nowadays the network device in your computer is about more than just speed. Speed comes at a cost, particularly due to power consumption. And don’t we all want to go green?

Realtek FE/GbE Family Controller Network Drivers

For computers with a Realtek network card, the latest device drivers offer a lot of control on the network speed and power consumption. That way, you can make sure your notebook battery lasts as long as possible.

A few of the settings the latest Realtek network drivers offer:

  • Auto Disable Gigabit – this option allows the user to configure if the gigabit option should be auto-disabled on re-link.
  • Green Ethernet – this option enables the feature to detect the length of the connected network cable and adjust the voltage accordingly (lower for shorter cables).
  • Interrupt Moderation – when enabled the frequency of the CPU interrupts will be lowered when there is less network traffic. Lower CPU usage, lower power!

There are obviously many more settings, not all relevant to network speed and energy consumption. But in all cases, make sure you install the latest Realtek network drivers to benefit from these features.

Click here to download and install Realtek network drivers.

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