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How to Fix a Problematic PC Monitor

display driverDo not automatically assume the PC monitor is damaged just because it abruptly ceased working one day. It might not be a hardware component that is the problem but something else like faulty display drivers.

Gadgets plugged into a computer exchange info with the system using device drivers loaded with a specific program language. An archaic or corrupt or even a deleted software file here prevents the monitor from communicating clearly with a computer. The appearance of error messages usually follows along with possible loss of monitor features. Not surprisingly, frustration can build quickly with a monitor that refuses to work because no work is accomplished in such a situation. So please do read on for more info to help distinguish if the device drivers or questionable hardware is at fault for what you are experiencing.

Troubleshoot to Get at the Heart of the Monitor Issue

Faulty drivers are typically the problem if error messages keep showing up on the monitor. Blank monitors signal a different problem source which means you need to look further to find the answer. See if the monitor power light is lighted. A lit power light means there is likely something wrong with the device driver. There is a good chance the device drivers are problematic if the displayed message on the monitor says no input devices were found. Another trick is to connect your monitor to some other PC and see if anything changes. If the thing works then flawed monitor drivers are to blame for your situation.

Tweaks to Monitor Driver Errors Via Driver Updates

You need to be certain first that defective monitor drivers are to blame. From here steps can be taken to rectify the situation. Many choose to manually uninstall and reinstall the monitor to address the issue. However, updating the device drivers of the monitor is more effective.

With operating systems undergoing constant updating users usually find themselves left with outdated device drivers owing to recently loaded updates. The disc your PC came with or the latest drivers over the Net can be used to update the system and address the issue. You may have to ask a friend for use of his monitor or connect to your computer via remote access if the monitor you have just will not turn on.

Using Automated Utilities to Deal With Monitor Issues

In the event that you experience difficulty performing these activities you can try various automatic driver update tools. These utilities conduct automatic system scans for detection of flawed device drivers and their subsequent replacement with updated ones. Going this route lets you skip the long hours troubleshooting driver errors and fixes the problem straightaway.

Nvidia Releases v266.58 of GeForce drivers

geforce-driversThis recent update of the Nvidia GeForce graphics drivers is available for GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500-series and the ION series.

As with all new releases, the new GeForce drivers improve performance on many of the video card, particular for gaming. But the drivers also include support for the lates GTX series video cards.

For people with SLI cards, there are new SLI profiles available for a number of games, and the performance for a number of games using the SLI cards has also been improved.

Other improvements in the 266.58 release are the support for GPU-acceleration in Adobe products, including CS5 and Flash 10.1. For Adobe Flash this results in smoother HD video playback from online source.

If you use video cleanup software vreveal, you will learn that the new drivers have direct support for this MotionDSP’s video enhancement software, allowing users to improve the quality of shaky videos and output HD quality video.

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ATI Releases Version 10.9 of the Catalyst Software Suite

ATI just released another update of their Catalyst Software Suite, which is used for the ATI graphics cards. This release includes an update for the AMD display driver (ATI is part of AMD). Like any driver update release, this new version is released to improve reliability and performance of ATI graphics cards.

Version 10.9 includes an update of the ATI Radeon display driver, the new driver version is 8.771.

The main improvements in the new release relate to bug fixes in games and performance improvements in games. Performance improvements vary from 5% to 20% depending on the game.

But for Vista there are also improvements in the AVI video playback in PowerPoint presentations, and blu-ray video playback no longer corrupts the desktop image. For Windows XP and Windows 7 the update also has a few bug fixes, but of course there is still a long list of known issues that have not been resolved yet.

Installation requirements

For installing the 10.9 version on XP or Vista, the .NET Framework SP1 needs to be installed. In Windows 7 the .NET Framework is integrated already. Users should also make sure they use a user account with administrator right to install the updated drivers.

ATI also recommends that you download the old drivers before installing the new display drivers.

Click here to download and install ATI Catalyst driver R10.9 now.

Nvidia Releases Version 260.63 of its GeForce Drivers in Beta

This beta release of version 260.63 further improves the performance of some of the GeForce bases video cards. Especially the GTX 460 and GTX 480 video cards will benefit from increased performance, which will benefit gamers the most. Based on testing NVidia claims these cards can gain between 5% and 20% performance improvements, depending on the application (game).

In addition, version 280.63 adds support for the new GT 450 GPU, which also supports the NVida 3D Vision technology and DirectX 11.

If you are interesting in playing Blu-Ray movies, you will also benefit from the GeForce 260.63 driver update, as it now supports Blu-Ray playback on the HDMI 1.4 port of GeForce video cards. Connect your 3D TV and you are set to watch Blu-Ray movies. The improvements includes support for high definition audio streaming for Blu-Ray movies.

Another improvement in this driver release is the better compatibility with games that required DirectX 7, 8 or 9 compatibility for games running on Windows 7. Many games that need older DirectX support used to have problems on both Vista and Windows 7, even though DirectX 11 is supposed to be downward compatible, so this is a welcome improvement.

As always, you can get the latest driver releases with DriverFinder. The NVidia GeForce 260.63 release will be added as soon as it is out of beta.

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