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Originally founded in 1981, Creative Technology is a global leading manufacturer of digital entertainment products for the PC and internet markets. Creative Labs, its American division, was formed in 1988, followed by the opening of a European branch in 1993 and then an Asian division in 1999. For decades, its innovative products have revolutionized how users around the world interact with their computers.

Since the launch of its highly successful Sound Blaster sound card product line in 1989, Creative has been setting standards in the industry, leveraging cutting edge audio technology and a huge customer base to expand the PDE (Personal Digital Entertainment) market. While Sound Blaster started it all, the company is perhaps best known for its popular line of Zen digital audio players. The Creative Zen is an award-winning series and largely credited for ushering in the trend of MP3 players. This multipurpose device actually predates Apple’s popular iPod.

Today, Creative is a widely known as a global leader and innovator in the audio and PDE market. It solutions provide end-users with a complete digital entertainment experience from high quality hardware, software programs and services. Creative is enhancing the power of the PC with a versatile range of compatible MP3 players, multimedia speakers, headphones, portable media centers, web and digital cameras, graphics solutions and computer peripherals. Creative products and solutions are delivered to customers and system integrators through an international network that consists of traditional marketing channels, original equipment channels and the web.

This company has accomplished many industry milestones, but don’t expect them to slow down just yet. The Creative Zen is still in the stage of evolution, while other amazing lines are sure to be introduced in the very new future. A leading name in the PDE sector, Creative aims to further establish its high-quality brands for years to come.

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