List Driver in Use on Windows

Using the Device Manager, you can easily check the details for each device on a Windows computer. But If you want a list of all drivers used by the system, the Device Manager is not suited for that.

In Windows Vista, 7 and 8, however, you can create list of all drivers by using a simple internal command.
To do this, first start a command prompt with administrator rights (right-click the command prompt icon and select Run as administrator in the popup menu).
Once the command prompt window opens type:

driverquery.exe /v /fo csv > c:\driverlist.csv

This will instruct the command to list all drivers, and use the SCV output format. The > -symbol isused to redirect the output to the file specified.

Now you can open the driverlist.csv file with Excel (or any other program supporting comma-separated-values), and check the details of the drivers in one overview.

Driver List

MS Excel view of the resulting Windows driver list

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