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Business profile of Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft is a world renowned company that specializes in various aspects of computer technology. With its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft is a global leader in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of various software products for computer devices.

The Microsoft brand is largely supported by wide a range of third-party vendors, giving it a huge advantage over competitors. The company is well known for its highly popular products, such as the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software applications. This company has been one of the most successful in the history of technology, birthing four billionaires and approximately 12,000 millionaires.

Originally founded in 1975, Microsoft started out developing and selling BASIC interpreters that were used for the Altair 8800, the microcomputer design often credited for sparking the phenomenon of personal computers. It quickly evolved to dominate the home computer market with its MS-DOS operating system in the mid 80s. This success was followed by the Microsoft Windows line of software products, a system that has become a mainstay in homes, offices and more increasingly in the network setting.

The company has a major presence in several other markets as well, provided by subsidiaries such as the MSNBC cable TV network, the multimedia Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia and the MSN Internet portal. It also sells a variety of computer hardware products and digital entertainment designs, such as MSN TV, Xbox 360 and Zune, which is hailed by many as a worthy competitor to Apple’s iPod.

Microsoft continues to be an innovator in technology, playing a significant role in the computer industry and helping to evolve internet standards. In February 2009, the company revealed plans to further strengthen its local presence by opening up a small chain of Microsoft-branded retail outlets. Considering what the company has accomplished to this point, it’s hard not to imagine this move being another successful venture.

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