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Disk Management

How to Open Disk Management in Windows 10 – Manage Your Disk Drives

In Windows 10, there's a built-in mechanism that can help you easily manage your disk drives. It’s called Disk Management. But first, how to open it? The easiest way to ...
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Windows PC Monitor

How to Manually Install Monitor Drivers in Windows 10

Monitor drivers tell your Windows PC what display monitor you are using and what the capabilities of the monitor are. The monitor driver ensures that your display can be optimized ...
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Backup Drivers

How to Back Up and Restore Drivers in Windows 10 – easy steps with pics!

There are a couple of reasons why knowing how to backup and restore drivers in Windows 10 can come in really handy. For instance, you may want to re-install Windows ...
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WiFi Router

What is WiFi 6E? (Windows 10 Support, Others)

What is WiFi 6E? WiFi 6E is a new WiFi standard that includes support for the 6GHz band (in addition to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands). The technology used is ...
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USB hard disk

How to Fix USB Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 10

External storage devices like USB Flash drives and external hard disk (HDD) or SSD drives are quite handy and popular. They're  commonly used for backups, or as simple storage devices ...
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Windows 10 PC Wake up from Sleep

[Fixed] Windows 10 PC Won’t Wake Up From Sleep Mode

What do you do if your Windows 10 PC won't wake up from Sleep Mode? Sleep Mode is very useful for saving battery life on a laptop because saving on ...
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How to Add a Printer in Windows 10

Need to add a printer in Windows 10? In this article, I'll show you the steps on how you can add or link printer to your computer, whether that printer ...
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AOC monitor

Install an AOC Monitor Driver in Windows

Is your AOC monitor not recognized by your PC? Then you need an AOC monitor driver for Windows. Monitor drivers in general are the same across Windows versions. Drivers for ...
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