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Business profile of Alienware Inc.

Establish in 1996, Alienware is a manufacturer of computer hardware and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell. Its main focus is the assembly of high-end graphics cards, desktop and laptop computer components that enable high performance gaming. Aside from gaming, Alienware products also support a number of graphic-intense applications such as video editing, audio editing and simulation. Products for sale in its portfolio include desktop and laptop personal computers along with computer peripherals such as mice, keywords, displays and USB headsets.

With its headquarters located in Kendall, Florida, Alienware was founded to fill a gap in the market for high performance gaming products, a market that was virtually untouched at the time by prominent PC manufacturers such as Dell. With little competition on the high-end market, it became an OEM that sold PCs with the highest performing hardware and specifications in the industry. The company is perhaps best known for its Alienware graphics cards and popular line of gaming computers, which differentiated from the competition in terms of performance and the trademark sci-fi-like design.

Dell acquired Alienware in 2006, maintaining its autonomy in regard to design and marketing all while keeping its original line of XPS PC gaming systems. Now consolidated within Dell’s gaming division, it has since become the computer manufacturer’s premiere gaming division. As a subsidiary of Dell, the company currently specializes in various aspects of PC gaming, marketing everything from accessories to popular video game downloads.

Alienware has been a major player in the PC gaming market for more than a decade. Over the years, it has competed with companies such as AVADirect, Falcon Northwest, Velocity Micro and even Dell’s XPS gaming system. Today, the company is focused on maximizing its profits and powering the PC gaming market through high performance products and annual initiatives such as PC Gaming Season.

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