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Corporate profile and brief business description of AOpen Corp.

Originally established in 1996, AOpen is a global leading electronics manufacturer that specializes in computers and computer components. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company produces a rich line of products that range from motherboards to optical disk drives. As a subsidiary of Acer, it also manufactures a nice variety of input devices. The primary focus of AOpen focus is to deliver IT solutions based on energy-efficient standards.

AOpen is perhaps best known for its MoDT (Mobile on Desktop), which was first launched in 2004. MoDT is a solution that incorporates Intel’s Pentium M platform on traditional desktop motherboards. Since the Pentium 4 and several other NetBurst processors proved to be less energy efficient at this time, a number of manufacturers created desktop motherboards for the popular mobile Pentium M platform, with AOpen being one of the very first. AOpen MoDT modules offer all the functionality of traditional computers while consuming far less energy at a faction of the cost.

In the summer of 2007, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) laid out a challenge to PC manufacturers with stricter rules for achieving Energy Star qualification. The EPA has goals of attaining 40% compliancy by 2010 and 80% by 2014. While this is a demanding and time strenuous request, AOpen is more than up for the challenge.

From the same labs that birthed AOpen’s MoDT solutions in 2004, the company has stepped up into a leadership role, going above and beyond industry standards. The manufacturer is consistently scoring in high customer satisfaction, due in large part to its open architecture and open implementation development philosophies that place a strong emphasis on adaptability and compatibility. Going to great lengths to help its partners sustain business continuity, the company has a dedicated staff for upgrading and replacing parts as well as a team committed to the continuous evolution of AOpen MoDT systems.

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