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Corporate profile for Broadcom Corp.

Headquartered in Irvin, California, Broadcom Corporation is a world renown technological innovator and global leader in semiconductor solutions for both wired and wireless communications. Broadcom currently holds more than 3,100 U.S. and 1,400 foreign patents. It also has well over 7,600 additional patent applications pending. As one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, it enjoyed revenues of $4.66 billion in 2008 alone.

The company’s portfolio features products that facilitate the delivery of data, voice, video and multimedia content to and throughout the office, home and mobile environment. Specializing in the industry’s most extensive lineup of system-on-a-chip and software solutions, Broadcom is able to consistently appease its customer base of computing, networking equipment, broadband access, digital entertainment and mobile device manufacturers. Some of its most notable clients include fortune 100 to fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Cisco Systems, Dell, IBM, HP and Nintendo to name a few.

The Broadcom product line includes transceiver and processor integrated circuits for wireless LANs and Ethernet, DSL, cable modems, home-based networking devices and mobile phones. The company is also well known for its series of high-speed co-processors. By offloading the intensive workload to a dedicated chip, these solutions are able to greatly increase the speed of tasks that utilize encryption. Broadcom co-processors offer numerous benefits in the field of e-commerce by helping to secure PGP and GPG communications. Other products include audio/video processors for digital video recorders and digital set-top boxes as well as RF receivers and tuners for satellite TV systems. Broadcom’s Bluetooth products range from chipsets and headsets to software solutions for PC and smart phone integration.

Since 1991, Broadcom has been delivering high-quality products to meet the growing demands brought forth by emerging technology. Recently forming partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft and AMD, one could assume that Broadcom is poised for long term and sustained growth as they prepare to introduce the world to additional cutting edge solutions.

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