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Business profile of Compro Inc.

Established in 1988, Compro Technology is a company that creates and sells a wide range of multimedia and PC graphics products. Thriving off the latest innovations, it has a team of highly motivated expert engineers with offices located in several regions throughout the world. The Compro infrastructure allows it to deliver top notch products tailored to the fast growing PC market.

In the beginning, Compro set its focus on the OEM industry, utilizing its design and production talents to create quality products. The company enjoyed considerable success throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium. In 2001, the company formed a partnership with the prominent graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA, a move that led to the launch of Personal Cinema, the company’s first branded product. Compro Personal Cinema marked the first complete multimedia offering that integrated a direct-link TV tuner box with a high-performance graphics card. The company released its VideoMate line of PC graphics solutions in 2002 along with a complete lineup of Compro 3D cards with built-in video capability.

Compro VideoMate PCI TV tuner cards and the USB TV tuner cards were released in 2003, offering exclusive features, such as remote power on/off, power up scheduling recording and built in recording software. This innovation garnered the company industry recognition and numerous awards worldwide. The product line was extended in 2004, ranging from mainstream to premium TV cards equipped with superb image quality and new improved features. Compro made significant waves in 2005, launching a new range of digital TV products that include dPCI digital TV cards and USB digital television boxes. Since 2007, Compro’s products have been designed to support Windows Vista and are bundled with Microsoft services, such as Windows Media Center and Vista Gadget.

Compro plans to unveil a new range of video solutions in 2009, including the VideoMate IP Cam and VideoMate Network Media Center. These lines will breathe fresh air into the industry of home electronics, as the products will carry Compro’s user-friendly features and cutting-edge hardware design.

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