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Business Profile of Connect Components LTD.

Connect Components LTD, better known as Connect3D, is a European memory vendor and certified AIB (Add-in Board) partner and supplier of ATI graphics cards. As a major distributor, the company operates offices in England, Germany and Sweden. The company had begun to branch out in the United States and the Middle East as well. Recently, however, it has been widely speculated that Connect3D is no longer in the business of marketing ATI graphics cards.

Much isn’t known about the origin or history of Connect3D. However, it is known that the company was a leading provider of the complete line of ATI graphics cards. Connect3D actually leveraged its own engineering expertise to develop ATI powered Radeon add-in boards from its manufacturing locations in Europe in China. It has been said that there was a time when the company produced well over 600,000 ATI graphics cards per month.

During 2007, bankruptcy rumors began to circulate about the company’s finances and future in the business. In addition, the company was in the midst of major controversy when it failed to honor rebates on Connect3D graphics cards sold through the online vendor Numerous customers attested to reports of receiving email responses stating that the delays were due to issues with the company’s distributor. Some customers say they received no response at all. In the same year, a Better Business Bureau report claimed that the company had gone out of business. After paying out some of the rebates on its own behalf, filed a lawsuit against Connect3D.

It still isn’t clear whether Connect3D is completely defunct or if ill fate just struck its American branch. Although the website is still active, it appears as if the company no longer sells ATI graphics card online. This is compounded by the fact that all driver downloads and other support inquires are directed to ATI/AMD website.

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