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IBM Drivers

Business profile of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

International Business Machines Corporation, most commonly known as IBM, is a leading multinational computer technology and IT consulting company. Headquartered in Armonk, New York, it is one of the rare Information Technology companies with a history that starts in the 19th century. Perhaps best known for its line of IBM computers, the company also manufactures and sells a wide range of computer hardware and software applications, as well as managed infrastructure and hosting services. IBM is widely known as the world’s largest and most profitable IT employer with more than 388,000 employees across the globe.

IBM was originally established in 1896 as the Tabulating Machine Company. It was incorporated in 1911 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1916. The company’s history actually predates that of the electronic computer, as it started off specializing in punch card data processing equipment.

Experiencing considerable growth from 1925-1949, IBM really received its big break following World War II, a time that marked the emergence of business computing. It became the premier contracted developer of the U.S. Air Force’s automated defense computer systems and played a significant role in the development of the world’s first real-time digital computer. IBM was right there when the PC and software markets emerged in the 1980s, forming profitable relationships with both Microsoft and Intel. It was around this time that IBM mainframe computers and home-based systems became prevalent. Although it experienced tough times during the 1990s, the company made a revival and bounced back completely for the new millennium.

IBM has been a pioneer in the IT field for over a century and continues to stand at the forefront of the global industry that has revolutionized how consumers and enterprises operate. From IBM mainframes to innovative software products, this company is rightfully recognized as one of the most successful entities in the history of technology.

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Hercules Drivers

Business profile of Hercules Computer Technology.

Originally established in 1982, Hercules Computer Technology was a leading graphics card company in the 1980s. While the company also produced CGA compatible cards, its most popular product was the Hercules Graphics Card, a MDA-compatible card that was frequently imitated by many other competitors. The popularity of this card helped the company survive into the 1990s. In attempt to compete with EGA, Hercules launched the Hercules InColor Card, which failed miserably in terms of sales.

Hercules started to decline throughout the 1990s as companies including ATI Technologies emerged. Product sales dipped to $20 million in 1998, the same year the company was purchased by ELSA for $8.5 million. Though it enjoyed the benefit of Hercules’ intellectual properties and product lines, ELSA also became responsible for all the debt Hercules owed, inevitably sending them into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Hercules brand was acquired by Guillemot Corporation the following year for $1.5 million. It quickly became the premiere brand for Guillemot’s NVIDIA-based graphics cards.

The Hercules brand remains prevalent today and represents a diverse range of products. The portfolio now consists of sound cards, speaker systems, digital DJ devices, wireless solutions and accessories for the Apple iPod and iTunes media application. Hercules web cams are among the latest products. Its Dualpix Exchange has largely contributed to explosion of web cam sales throughout Europe. This product has been highly praised by the European press and won numerous awards for features such as 2-megapixel video resolution and high-speed USB 2.0 Video Class compliance. The integrated custom designed software makes this webcam just as easy to use as the typical digital camera.

While the company itself no longer exists, the Hercules brand is alive and well. Guillemot promises to continuously launch products that put the customer first by placing a strong emphasis on quality and performance.

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Hauppage Drivers

Business Profile of Hauppage Computer Works.

Founded in 1992, Hauppage Computer Works is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing electronic video hardware for PCs. The name was derived from the hamlet of Hauppage, New York, the same city in which it is based.

Best known for its successful line of PC-based TV tuner cards, Hauppage also produces digital video editors, digital video recorders, digital media players and hybrid video recorders. The company also has a product range of digital television products that support both Windows and Macintosh computers. Though headquartered in New York, Hauppage has sales and technical support offices located in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands.

During the early 1990s, Hauppauge mainly developed motherboards for Intel 486 processors. While most of these motherboards were designed for standard IBM-compatible PCs, others were workstation and server-based, offering support for FISA, optional cache memory modules and the Weitek 4167 FPU. One of its most popular motherboards was the Hauppauge 4860, the only standard PC/AT motherboard with an Intel 80486 processor and the option to run an Intel i860 processor. Shortly thereafter, the company stopped producing motherboards to focus on the TV card market.

The company achieved worldwide notoriety with its Hauppauge WinTV product line. This family of PC analog and digital TV tuners gives users the ability to watch television from their computer in a window or full screen. Some of the features of WinTV models include FM radio, IR remote control and fast, high-performance recording. The Hauppauge WinTV offers benefits to both home and business users. Professionals use it to keep track of late breaking news while home users enjoy the luxury of being able to watch TV while checking their email or surfing the web.

Over the years, Hauppage has been committed to strengthening its presence by introducing more cutting edge products and establishing itself in more regions. Those goals appear to be within easy reach as the company now has sales offices in Turkey and more products that support the Linux operating system.

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Guillemot Drivers

Business profile of Guillemot Corporation.

Officially established in 1984, Guillemot Corporation is a France-based company that designs and manufactures a wide variety of interactive PC hardware and accessories. The product lineup consists of graphics cards and graphics accelerators, TV acquisition cards, sound cards, CD/DVD drives, joysticks, USB steering wheels and a range of devices under many of its award-winning brands. It has a strong global presence with offices in locations that include the U.K., the U.S., Canada, Spain, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong and Italy. Coupled with over 150 qualified worldwide employees, this reach enables the company to deliver quality, high-performance products to customers in more than 30 countries.

Guillemot’s early product line proved that it had more to show than clones of competing offerings. In the mid 1990s, the company stepped up in the research and development department to establish itself as a product innovator. A breakthrough was made with Guillemot sound cards. In 1996, the manufacturer launched a series called the Maxi Sound 64, the first card on the market to offer 64-voiced polyphony. This was followed up by the Home Studio Pro version, which marked the first all-in-one PC-based solution for creating and recording music. The innovation of Guillemot sound cards gave the company the leverage it needed to garner more attention and gain a share of the North American market. Over the years, the company added to its brands by acquiring Thrustmaster and Hercules, two popular lines that still power its portfolio to the current day.

Now enjoying a prosperous relationship with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Guillemot graphics cards, motherboards and digital audio products are among the best in the business, offering power to suit the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike. With more than 100 awards under its belts, it is clear to see why this company is so widely praised throughout the computer hardware industry.

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Gigabyte Drivers

Business Profile of Gigabyte Technology.

Founded in 1986, Gigabyte Technology is a Taiwan-based company that manufactures a wide range of computer hardware products. What began as a research and development team has become a global leader in the highly competitive motherboard and graphics accelerator markets. To reach a broader spectrum of customers, Gigabyte recently further expanded its portfolio of products to include a more versatile line, such as desktop and notebook PCs, network servers, digital home appliances, mobile and handheld devices and telecommunications solutions. Its extensive product line is designed to cover every facet of life at home or in the office environment. As of 2009, Gigabyte has approximately 7070 employees in multiple countries throughout the world.

You can say Gigabyte has had a rather interesting history in regards to its video card offerings. Before 2002, the company only produced NVIDIA based cards. Back then, its line consisted of GeForce3 Ti200/500 cards. Eventually, the relationship between Gigabyte and NVIDIA turned rocky, resulting in the company picking up ATI-based graphic cards. During the next year, it only sold ATI cards until announcing a renewed partnership with NVIDIA in the latter part of 2003. Today, Gigabyte graphics cards consist of both ATI and NVIDIA-based products, providing enthusiasts with high-performance solutions built on the best chips in the industry. Throughout its tenure, the company has won a countless amount of awards and grown to become one of the biggest names in the business.

Gigabyte continues to set trends to the current day. As recently as June of 2008, it unveiled the M912, the first touchable, swivel screen mobile PC. This unit features a touch screen with a stylus and 180 degree swivel design that allows it be transferred into a tablet PC. Innovations such as this give indication that Gigabyte will keep on delivering the highest quality products with industry leading designs.

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