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Corporate Profile of Gainward Corporation.

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan Gainward is an award-winning company that specializes in computer hardware. This company offers an impressive lineup of products, and many of its graphics cards are on based exclusively on high-performance NVIDIA chipsets. It also has a nice range of graphics solutions based on ATI-based chips thanks to a successful launch of the ATI 4800 series. The company recently released a set of cards that break the traditional mold of NVIDIA specifications, allowing end-users to enjoy a more powerful gaming experience.

Gainward graphics cards are known for their “overclockability,” a trait that has made them a big hit among enthusiasts. One of most its popular products is the Golden Sample range of graphics solutions. Over-clocking past their original stock speeds, these cards are thoroughly tested before being sold and shipped, ensuring the utmost of quality for the customers. The Golden Sample line includes the NVIDIA 7900 GS, 7900 GT, 7950 GT and the 8800 GT. More recent are the ATI based HD 4850, HD 4870 and the HD 4870×2. Fans of this company will attest that Gainward graphics cards have always been designed with the end-users in mind. There was a time when its Golden Sample cards were packaged with a voucher that could be redeemed for a downloadable game at the popular “” site. This same product line now comes bundled with a free game.

Due to heavy competition in the market, Gainward fell on tough times like so many others and was eventually acquired by Palit Microsystems, a move that put it back in contention with industry leaders such as Gigabyte. As a subsidiary of Palit, Gainward currently has a beneficial relationship with both NVIDIA and AMD’s ATI graphics division. The company now has a diverse selection of powerful graphics cards which equals good news for everyone, especially the overclocking enthusiast market.

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