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Business Profile of Gigabyte Technology.

Founded in 1986, Gigabyte Technology is a Taiwan-based company that manufactures a wide range of computer hardware products. What began as a research and development team has become a global leader in the highly competitive motherboard and graphics accelerator markets. To reach a broader spectrum of customers, Gigabyte recently further expanded its portfolio of products to include a more versatile line, such as desktop and notebook PCs, network servers, digital home appliances, mobile and handheld devices and telecommunications solutions. Its extensive product line is designed to cover every facet of life at home or in the office environment. As of 2009, Gigabyte has approximately 7070 employees in multiple countries throughout the world.

You can say Gigabyte has had a rather interesting history in regards to its video card offerings. Before 2002, the company only produced NVIDIA based cards. Back then, its line consisted of GeForce3 Ti200/500 cards. Eventually, the relationship between Gigabyte and NVIDIA turned rocky, resulting in the company picking up ATI-based graphic cards. During the next year, it only sold ATI cards until announcing a renewed partnership with NVIDIA in the latter part of 2003. Today, Gigabyte graphics cards consist of both ATI and NVIDIA-based products, providing enthusiasts with high-performance solutions built on the best chips in the industry. Throughout its tenure, the company has won a countless amount of awards and grown to become one of the biggest names in the business.

Gigabyte continues to set trends to the current day. As recently as June of 2008, it unveiled the M912, the first touchable, swivel screen mobile PC. This unit features a touch screen with a stylus and 180 degree swivel design that allows it be transferred into a tablet PC. Innovations such as this give indication that Gigabyte will keep on delivering the highest quality products with industry leading designs.

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