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Business profile of Info-Tek Corporation.

GeCUBE is a popular brand of 3D graphics cards introduced by Info-Tek Corporation, a professional electronics manufacturing service firm. Headquartered in Taiwan, it has four branches located in China, providing full turnkey solutions for electrical products in fields such as telecommunications, optical, office and home appliances and more. While specializing in a wide variety of areas, its claim to fame has been the motherboard and interface card business. Info-Tek has five state of the art factories, with more than 5000 employees across the world.

Info-Tek enjoyed a nice running start, founded in 1990 with a total of $1,500,000 in capital. The company began subcontracting PC motherboards for Acer Inc. a year later before moving its headquarters to a plant in the Hsin-Chu Industrial District. In 1995, it was ISO 9002 certified, and by 1996, its total capital had increased to a whopping $3,080,000. The manufacturer was contracted to produce numerous third-party products until releasing its own line of GeCube graphics cards in the 2000s. Products under this line include graphics cards, as well as other computer hardware products. The success of this high-performance card helped boost its total capital to $40,000,000 by 2005, the same year the company was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Over the years, Info-Tek has formed strategic partnerships with leaders in many different industries. Some of its most notable partner have included Barco, Black&Decker, Citizen, GE, Gibabyte, Hannstar and Philips, just to name a few. These companies and more have contracted Info-Tek to provide high-quality printers, digital cameras, LCD TV modules, modems, CD ROMs, DVD players and scanners to serve their customers. Info-Tek prides itself on delivering products, services and support that result in unparalleled quality and reliability. These core values have helped the company became a familiar face and perhaps a mainstay in the computer hardware business.

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