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Business Profile of Innovision Multimedia Limited.

InnoVISION Multimedia Limited is a company that specializes in the development and production of a wide range of multimedia and PC hardware products. Though its manufacturing operations were originally set up in 1990 in Shenzhen, China, its product line did not blossom until 1998 in Hong Kong. In what can be considered a very short time, the company has become a major force in a fiercely competitive market, delivering cutting edge products while contracting out its state of the art research and production facilities to industry partners. InnoVISION’s commitment to excellence has garnered the company worldwide recognition and the title as one of Asia’s fastest growing companies.

Since the very beginning, InnoVISION has made it a priority to invest in the best design practices and deliver the ultimate experience to the fast growing market of multimedia professionals and PC enthusiasts. Its product portfolio is comprised of the highly successful Inno3D brand. This includes a diverse selection of graphic board accelerators and advanced peripherals. InnoVISION is also behind InnoDV, a line of digital video/TV capturing and editing solutions, as well as InnoAX, a series of high-end sound cards. ISO9001:2000 certification gives customers the assurance of world-class products designed in state of the art facilities by highly qualified R&D teams.

The popularity of InnoVISION graphics cards has allowed the company to enjoy a nice share of the market over the years. Always striving for excellence, the company plans to constantly introduce innovative implementations for its new, existing and future product lines. Aside from cutting edge solutions, InnoVISION is dedicated to its advanced research methodologies and delivering excellent technical support to meet the needs of its loyal customers. With qualities such as these, it is no wonder that this company has become one of the most talked about on the PC hardware market.

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