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Why You MUST Update Your Realtek Network Drivers

For a long time network cards were all about performance. Most of you probably started with a 10 Mbit network card, switching to 100 Mbit later on. Modern computers even have 1 Gbit network cards and servers can use 10 Gbit connections. For wireless network cards a similar summary can be created, using the 802.11 b/g/a/n specification.

But nowadays the network device in your computer is about more than just speed. Speed comes at a cost, particularly due to power consumption. And don’t we all want to go green?

Realtek FE/GbE Family Controller Network Drivers

For computers with a Realtek network card, the latest device drivers offer a lot of control on the network speed and power consumption. That way, you can make sure your notebook battery lasts as long as possible.

A few of the settings the latest Realtek network drivers offer:

  • Auto Disable Gigabit – this option allows the user to configure if the gigabit option should be auto-disabled on re-link.
  • Green Ethernet – this option enables the feature to detect the length of the connected network cable and adjust the voltage accordingly (lower for shorter cables).
  • Interrupt Moderation – when enabled the frequency of the CPU interrupts will be lowered when there is less network traffic. Lower CPU usage, lower power!

There are obviously many more settings, not all relevant to network speed and energy consumption. But in all cases, make sure you install the latest Realtek network drivers to benefit from these features.

Click here to download and install Realtek network drivers.

Realtek Drivers

Business profile of RealTek Semiconductor Corporation.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley of Taiwan, Realtek Semiconductor Corp. is a leading provider of computer components, network devices and multimedia products. The company designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of products that are mainly categorized in two divisions: Communications Network ICs and Computer Peripheral and Multimedia ICs. Some of the products in its line of network solutions include network interface controllers, traditional Ethernet controllers, network switch controllers and gateway controllers, among others. Realtek currently has approximately 900 employees, more than 700 of them well versed in the research and development field.

Realtek was founded in 1987 and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1998. One of its early successes was the RTL8139 series of Ethernet controllers released in the late 1990s, a line that dominated the market for many years. These products fell into the peripheral and multimedia category, consisting of traditional audio codecs, high definition codecs, clock generators, card reader controllers and LCD controllers. The most notable Realtek controllers were the 10/100M Ethernet line, having a global market share of 70% in 2003. Its AC97 audio codecs also claimed 50% of the market. Today, its ALC850 and RTL8139 are favorites on the OEM market, offering standard features and low prices. In Asia, the RTL8139 Realtek NIC is often referred to as a crab card, alluding to the crab-like appearance of the company logo.

Realtek has announced on numerous occasions that it would dedicate its R&D resources and expertise to other areas in the future. Some of the markets the company is considering include digital television, along with more advanced wireless technologies such as UWB (Ultra Wide Band) and the proposed 802.11n standard. It appears as if Realtek is gearing up for the highly anticipated myriad of concepts and applications that have been proposed to advance existing and newly emerging technologies.

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