Sapphire Drivers

Based in Hong Kong, Sapphire Technology is a company that specializes in the production of graphics cards for workstations and personal computers. It also produces motherboards, TV tuner cards and a line of digital audio players. Sapphire graphics cards are based on industry leading ATI graphics processing units and ATI’s latest IGP chipset technology. As of now, it is the largest provider of ATI-based graphics cards in the world. The company is well known as the first to release cards equipped with an HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) connector.

Sapphire has been a pioneer in visual technologies for more than 10 years, helping to revolutionize how computer graphics are displayed. From the very beginning, it has stayed committed to providing customers with feature-rich, dynamically engineered products. Holding a firm position in the market, the company has been able to continuously achieve excellence with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified production factories in Dongguan, China. Together, these two facilities manufacture an estimated 1.8 graphics boards each month. With more than 3,000 worldwide employees and offices in Asia, the Americas, Europe and South Africa, Sapphire is well equipped to ensure quality and fast delivery to its global partners and customers.

Every since ATI announced manufacturing and distribution partnerships with ODMs and AiBs in 2001, Sapphire has been the world’s major ATI graphics board supplier, a position it has yet to relinquish despite fierce competition in the industry. For years, Sapphire graphics cards and motherboards have received praise from enthusiasts in virtually every niche market, exceeding industry standards because of their enriched realism, enhanced stability and performance. Leveraging the most recent technological innovations from the ATI brand, the company aims to continue to deliver state of the art solutions for the audience that seeks the best in quality and performance for their mission-critical operations.

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