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STB Systems Incorporated was an American company that manufactured and marketed a wide range of computer hardware and multimedia solutions. Based in Richardson, Texas, the company once had facilities throughout the United States as well as sales and support offices in London, France and Germany. Its product line included an array of 3D graphics accelerators and other products designed for workstations and desktop personal computers. Over the years, STB has been known for delivering a number of award-winning graphics controllers and developing specialized video device drivers that allowed customers to enjoy the utmost in performance and compatibility. At one time, the company produced products for industry-leading entities such as Compaq, Dell and Gateway.

Originally founded in 1981, STB graphics accelerators enjoyed the status as industry-leading products for quite some time. One of its most successful lines was released in 1994, the MVP (Multimedia Video Processor) series. Out of this line came the MYP3D, an innovative multi-monitor adapter. Like many of STB’s products, this one catered to workstation users in the video editing, industrial and healthcare sectors, offering the ability to drive up to four displays all from a single controller. Such high-performance solutions garnered STB graphics accelerators numerous awards and played a major role in the field of 3D computer technology.

In the late 1990s, the emergence of companies such as ATI caused STB Systems to lose its leading position. Involved in a heated legal dispute with 3DLabs for a breach of contract and various unethical allegations, the company endured financial hardship and appeared to be on the brink of extension. This all became apparent when it was acquired by 3DFX in 1999, which was subsequently acquired by NVIDIA in 2001.

As of now, STB graphics accelerators are no longer developed or officially supported. However, driver downloads for a variety of the brand products are available for download on the web.

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