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Tekram Systems Co. Ltd. is a company that specializes in a broad range of storage solutions. Based in Taiwan, its products are designed to simplify storage deployment and provide scalable solutions that allow businesses to easily upgrade their capacities, enhance performance and data protection to meet their evolving storage needs. An extensive line of SCSI/SATA/USB/1394 host adapters, RAID 6 disk array subsystems and SATA-II RAID 6 host adapters gives organizations a seamless migration path from internal to external storage. Technological innovations such as its S1040 SCSI controller equipped with a bus-mastering enhanced IDE chip have won the company numerous awards over the years. Though still specializing in Tekram controllers, it has recently set focus on other markets with solutions designed for Bluetooth and IrDA devices.

Tekram adapters and controllers are designed to compensate three different storage environments: internal and directed-attached storage, SANs (storage area networks) and NAS (network attached storage). Its largest product line, the internal and direct-attached storage products, include add-on cards, Fibre, RAID, SAS and SATA host adapters and disk array systems as well as high-performance VTL (Virtual Tape Library) storage solutions. The SAN line is geared towards demanding small to medium sized business environments that require storage consolidation for network servers. Its smallest line is targeted at the NAS market, offering solutions that are ideal for department, workgroup and distributed enterprise environments that require storage consolidation for client systems.

Products in the NAS line offer capabilities such as easy installation and administration, sharing of data over heterogeneous client platforms and faster network response times. Offering the best in performance and quality, Tekram storage solutions offer beneficial services to businesses of all sizes.

Moving forward, Tekram plans to continuously deliver innovative products to meet the demands of various storage environments. The company has been around since 1990, surviving the worst and most exciting times of the storage industry. From the looks of things, Tekram is poised to thrive in the market for years to come.

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