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Headquarter in Nettetal, Germany, TerraTec Electronics is a company that manufactures and sells a variety of multimedia products and computer hardware components. Its product line includes computer speakers, mice, webcams, video grabbers and TV tuner cards among others. The company is perhaps best known for its extensive of line of TerraTec sound cards, which offer solutions for the both the low and high-end markets. As of late, it has also focused on producing recording software for musicians as well as digital music converter devices. TerraTec’s achievements in the industry can be attributed to its team of expert R&D teams, highly skilled employees and unparalleled ability to provide market-ready products in response to the ever evolving market trends.

TerraTec was founded in 1994 by Heiko Meertz and Walter Grieger, both of whom remain on board as CEOs of the organization. The company was dominant in the 1990s, thanks to a massive line of high-performance sound cards for PC users. In a very short time, it quickly became the largest sound card manufacturer in Germany, positioning itself as a top-selling company with one of the most profitable brands in all of Europe.

The success of TerraTec sound cards led to the introduction of many new product lines including professional audio systems, graphics cards, multimedia players, internet radio products and home networking solutions. With proprietary innovations such as 4G Sound standards and EWS Technology, the company has demonstrated its ability to be a leader in what has proved to be a highly competitive market.

TerraTec has decided to focus on further strengthening its presence in the international market. The company says that these developments will begin with the expansion of its sales department in Nettetal, a move that will ultimately enable enhanced support for its worldwide partners. Though already established in various markets, the company still believes there is room for more positive growth.

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