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Business profile of TwinHan Corporation.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, TwinHan designs, produces and markets a wide variety of digital television solutions. The company has an extensive product line that includes digital TV reception cards, TV tuner cards, set-top boxes and personal computers. It also offers a number of services that aid in visual data processing, compression, encoding and decoding, IC and RF design, digital terrestrial video broadcasting, hardware design and system integration. TwinHan has an estimated 160 employees, more than half of them highly skilled in research and development, as well as facilities in Mainland China, Europe and the United States.

First established in 1996, TwinHan has been highly successful in its endeavors. The company achieved ISO 9001 certification in 1999 and helped to spark the FTA (Free-to-Air) revolution in 2001 with the launch of Taiwan’s first digital satellite TV card. In 2003, it released the popular TwinHan DVB-T series that allowed users to view DVB-T programming on their displays, record them to hard disk and burn them onto DVD media. The early DVB-T line included the DTV Mini Ter card and DTV Alpha memory stick, each of which offered excellent video quality at high resolution and support for HDTV reception. The TwinHan DVB-T series became more impressive in 2005 with USB and analog TV solutions among other products to enhance the digital viewing experience for PC users. That same year, the company received numerous industry honors including the Best Buy logo from CHIP Germany and the Editors Choice Award by Notebook Organizer & Handy, two of the most prestigious computer magazines in Germany.

TwinHan plans to further cement itself as a leader in the digital TV industry by expanding its portfolio to suit other markets. It appears as if the company is making good on those intentions as many of the products in its DVB-T line now offer support for both Macintosh and Linux platforms.

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