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Business profile of Tyan Computer Corporation.

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Tyan Computer Corporation is a world renowned manufacture of motherboards. The company plays an integral role in powering the network environment as many of its models are designed for AMD and Intel processors. Specializing in high-end desktop and server platforms, its products are sold worldwide to OEMs, system integrators and resellers for a wealth of applications. Tyan’s high-performance products are powered by the more than 12,400 employee strong global workforce of MiTAC, the company it was acquired by in March of 2007.

Tyan got its start back in 1989, which appeared to be just the right time. Its founder saw tremendous opportunity in the SMP server market and established the company to fill a much needed void. Tyan began developing, producing and supplying Intel Pentium series motherboards along with several other single-processors targeted at server applications. Since that time, the company has manufactured a number of single, multi and multi-core chips using technologies from companies such as AMD, Broadcom, Intel and NVDIA among others. The impressive design of Tyan motherboards has gained the company numerous honors over the years, including two Maximum PC Kick-Ass Awards for its contributions in the Dream Machine project. Its cutting edge innovations have also helped several partners and customers earn recognition in their respective industries.

If the success of Tyan motherboards wasn’t enough, the brand name became even stronger once it merged with MiTAC, a Taiwanese company that manufactures a wide range of computer products. The MiTAC portfolio includes servers and network products, notebook PCs and outsourced manufacturing services. With the merger, its corporate headquarters in Fremont, California became the North American headquarters. Tyan is currently the company’s leading brand, acting as the engineering and marketing core for the delivery of server and workstation products designed for MiTAC’s worldwide partners and OEM customers.

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