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title_logo2Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, XGI Technology is a company that designs, manufactures and sells graphics solutions and various PC components. Its product line is driven by the Volar series of award-winning graphics processors. These solutions provide real-world 3D visuals for gaming, multimedia and business applications, offering unrivaled results that exceed expectations in the way of features, performance and value. From personal computers and embedded systems to complex network servers, XGI has something to dramatically enhance the visual experience of users in various markets.

XGI is a relatively new company, officially established in 2003. While this is a short time when compared to some of the veterans in the graphics card industry, it has an extensive reservoir of design and engineering skills that have been contributed from the acquisition of SIS’ (Silicon Integrated Systems) and Trident Microsystems’ graphics divisions, both of which have been major players in the graphics card market in their prime. Owned and operated by a team of experts with a deep knowledge of the business, XGI is able to continuously deliver high quality, cost effective solutions for a wide range of professional, multimedia, 3D and mobile applications.

As a leading supplier in the embedded graphics chipset market, this company has managed to stay ahead of the competition through the innovative designs of XGI graphics processors and a consistent flow of revolutionary product launches. In 2007, the company introduced the Universal Graphics Module, the world’s first graphics card standard for embedded systems. Done in conjunction with embedded solutions provider Kontron, this standard was established to dramatically reduce the complexity of graphics implementation OEMs all over the world have faced at one time or another. Openly embracing the leadership position, XGI continues to invest in research and deliver quality products that meet the growing demands of its customers and industry partners.

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