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Three Canon Printer Error Problems & Solutions

Canon is one of the most widely used printer brands in the world. From the super-fast inkjet models to the cost efficient all-in-one solutions, their products make sure that you can print out important documents easily and conveniently. Unfortunately, Canon printers are susceptible to problems, as evident when Canon printer error messages began to make their presence known. Many of these codes are specific to the type of Canon printer you own, and here are three of the most common annoyances you are likely to encounter.

1) Power LED Lit Solid Orange
Canon Printer Error

Printer error messages do not always come in the form of numeric code. In fact, the LED on your device can tell you a lot about the problem. According to the manufacturer, the power LED on a Canon printer may be lit orange instead of green when the device needs to be set or requires maintenance. The recommended solution is to first turn off the machine, and then unplug its power cord from the power outlet. Next, wait a moment, and then plug the device in again and turn it back on. In many cases, this will solve the printer error message and if so, the power LED will glow green. However, if the LED remains orange, this particular error may indicate that your Canon printer needs to be repaired. In this case, your best bet would be to contact Canon’s technical support team for further assistance.

2) E27

The E27 printer error message is common on Canon Pixma all-in-one printers. This particular error occurs when the waste ink absorber is full. Your first inclination may be to clean the holder and cartridge itself to remove all excessive ink, dirt and spills. Unfortunately, most people do not have luck with these methods. The best resolution to the problem is to reset the waste ink counter. While this requires several steps and a lot of patience, it usually works on most Pixma models. To clear up this printer error message, follow the steps below:

– Simultaneously press the ON/OFF button and STOP/RESET button on your Canon printer.

– Press the ON/OFF button once and then the “STOP/RESET” button twice to enter the maintenance mode. (You should notice a value of “0″ on your LED indicator).

– Press the “STOP/RESET” button 4 times in order to reset the waste ink counter.

– Turn off your Canon printer.

– Turn the printer back on.

3) Ink is Missing

The “Ink is Missing” printer error message is among the oldest error codes for Canon printers. Oddly enough, this one can show up shortly after installing a fresh ink cartridge. The most common cause is using a generic brand of ink with your printer. You could try removing and then reseating the ink cartridge back in place but most of the time, this only serves as a temporary resolution. Your best bet would be to only install ink cartridges that are manufactured and supported by Canon. This way, you can dramatically reduce the threat of compatibility issues, get better technical support and receive a free replacement if problems should ever occur.

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