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BCM20702A0 Driver

Windows BCM20702A0 driver

Bluetooth problems in Windows computers are often related to incorrect or missing drivers for a Bluetooth device. In the case of the Broadcom BCM20702A0 device, the right BCM20702A0 driver is ...
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Windows Device Manager Error Codes

The Device Manager is a program to control all devices in a Windows system. It has been part of Windows since Windows XP and is still present in Windows 11 ...
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Windows System Restore

How to Enable System Restore on Windows

When working with any operating system, there will be moments when things go wrong and you wish you could go back in time. In Windows, System Restore offers a feature ...
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Windows problem

How to run a Windows Troubleshooter

The latest Windows versions have the ability to analyze and fix common problems. Microsoft has named this feature the Windows Troubleshooter. In earlier versions of Windows, Microsoft Fix It was ...
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ENE.SYS error Windows 11

A driver cannot load on this device ene.sys

When you are updating Windows 11 to the latest version, you might see an error pertaining to the file called ENE.SYS. The error indicates that the device driver cannot load ...
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Canon Pixma Printer

Canon Printer Driver for Windows

Although Canon is known for cameras, its product range also includes printers. Canon offers printers for both the home user, as well as professional office users. Inkjets, laser printers, photo ...
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Uninstall external devices

How to Uninstall Devices in Windows

All hardware in a Windows PC is registered as a hardware device. Windows uses device drivers to communicate with these hardware devices. New drivers are added when new hardware is ...
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Intel PCI

Windows PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver

Microsoft Windows uses device drivers to communicate with hardware devices in the computer. One of the important devices in a computer is the PCI simple communications controller. If the PCI ...
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