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Xbox controller

Xbox Controller is not Working in Windows 11

The Xbox controller is a great controller to use with a Windows PC. Connecting it is generally an easy and almost automatic process. But if the Xbox controller is not ...
USB Serial Cable

FT232R USB UART Driver for Windows

The FT232R UART device is a USB to serial interface chip from a company called Future Technology Devices International, or FTDI. The chip is used in a lot of USB-to-serial ...
Windows PC Monitor

How to Manually Install Monitor Drivers in Windows 10

Monitor drivers tell your Windows PC what display monitor you are using and what the capabilities of the monitor are. The monitor driver ensures that your display can be optimized ...
USB hard disk

How to Fix USB Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 10

External storage devices like USB Flash drives and external hard disk (HDD) or SSD drives are quite handy and popular. They're  commonly used for backups, or as simple storage devices ...
Windows-11 Hardware Devices

How to Manually Install Drivers in Windows 11

With each new version of Windows, more devices are automatically supported. This is also the case for Windows 11. But if your device is not supported, or not automatically installed, ...
driver power state failure error


Blue screen errors in Windows are notorious. There are different causes, but in general, they are serious errors. When you see a DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE error on the blue ...
Unknown USB Device Code 43

How to Fix Unknown USB Device – Device Descriptor Request Failed

Problematic USB devices in Windows can be a real puzzle sometimes. Several reasons can cause a USB device to not be recognized and shown as an unknown USB device. Windows ...
Device Manager error codes

Windows Device Manager Error Codes

The Device Manager is a program to control all devices in a Windows system. It has been part of Microsoft Windows since Windows XP and is still present in Windows ...
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