Windows 10

TPM 2.0 Infineon

Windows TPM Drivers

If you are upgrading to Windows 11, or want to secure your PC, dealing with TPM is inevitible. We'll explain what TPM is all about and what TPM drivers are ...
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Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Showing in Windows 10?

Windows 10 shows the display adapter as a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, if there is no driver for your graphics card installed. In Device Manager, you can see this listed ...
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Lenovo Camera Driver

Lenovo Webcam Driver for Windows

Most Lenovo notebooks and laptops come with integrated webcams. As such, it's important to install the correct Lenovo webcam driver for Windows. Different Lenovo devices use different webcams. This means ...
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Windows Update Failed

[Easy Fixes] Windows Update Failed

If you have been working with Windows for some time, you will probably have faced this scenario: Windows Update Failed. For some reason, the  updates failed partially, or did not get ...
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Windows 10 PC Wake up from Sleep

How to Stop Windows 10 Waking Up from Sleep On Its Own

Is Windows 10 waking up from sleep randomly even though you've put it in Sleep Mode? I hear you. Like many other people, I often leave my PC on for ...
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Windows 10 Control Panel

How to Open the Control Panel in Windows 10

Many Windows 10 settings are configured through the Control Panel. The Device Manager for example, which is used for driver settings, is accessed through this panel. As such, it's important ...
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Adjust audio volume

Auto-Adjust Audio Volume During Phone Calls in Windows 10

Automatically adjust audio volume during phone calls in Windows 10? Why would anyone want to do that? Here are some scenarios... It's your habit to listen to music while you're on ...
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Backup and Restore Drivers

[FREE]: How to Backup and Restore Drivers

It's never a bad idea to backup installed drivers for the numerous hardware devices on your system. And there's no need to look far... Just use the free version of ...
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